Go Outside, Coyote Panel

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These are beautiful in-house printed panels and are perfect for sewing up your favorite top or sewing project! They are printed using sublimation printing, not digital printing so the ink actually bonds to the fiber of the fabric and does not sit on top, because of that there is no way to print white. If you choose a design with white in it any white spaces will be the color of the base you choose also since the ink bonds to the fiber in the fabric the color in the design will combine with the color of the base. The lighter design the lighter base it needs to be on and the darker the base the darker the design needs to be. 

Panel Sizes-

Adult- 29" x 36" (10x14)
Big Kid- 19" x 24" (8x12)
Little Kid- 14" x 18" (6x10)
Doll- 10"x10" (3x5)

Panel sizes can vary an inch give or take for cutting differences.