Translating The Jordis

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Translating The Jordis

Sometimes we take on big projects and for the January sew along we asked Wendy to do just that. I bet she never thought that being our sew along coordinator would include needing to learn a bit of German. The Jordis Pattern is one that has been on our list for awhile because of all its options, but seeing as its a German pattern and none of us read German (yet) making it proved to be a challenge. Since Wendy took on the huge task of translating this pattern for us ( and everyone else who doesn't read German well) I was curious what all went into the work she did and how long it took her. I asked Wendy if she would be interested in writing a feature for our blog highlighting the amazing work she did to translate this pattern.  Wendy never disappoints and the very next day she had already sent me this! So read on to see what Wendy has to say about her experience translating this wonderful German pattern to English.

The first question Brandi asked me after I accepted the sew along coordinator position for Aurora Designs was “So, how’s your German?” That question started me on my way to the most challenging and rewarding sewing project I’ve taken on thus far in my sewing career.
The Jordis is a German pattern made by the wonderfully talented German designer Katrin Kindler, owner of FinnLeys’. My task was now to make this pattern accessible for our English-speaking sewing group in The Sewing Menagerie by Aurora Designs . I reached out to a friend who happens to be from Germany and who also sews! I thought to myself how lucky I was to have someone to help me translate and wow, this is going to be easy… I was wrong. Life happened and our schedules didn’t mesh. I was back to square one.
Fortunately for me, Katrin has included many clear, detailed pictures to help guide even beginner sewists through the Jordis labyrinth. I decided to start with translating as much of the actual sewing/construction elements as Google translate and I could manage. I also stumbled up on this site which had a list of common German sewing related terms and their English meanings. Between Google, the new list, and the photos I managed to get all of the instructions translated!
This was a huge boost for me. I was now armed with the knowledge of more German sewing terms than I ever thought I’d ever need in my lifetime. Now I was ready to tackle the other sections.
Slowly but surely, with the help of my best friend Google translate, plus a couple other new translation webpage friends, each section was unlocked and rewritten. The entire process took a few weeks, with trying to fit it in between my normal, everyday mom duties and the holidays. By the end of it, I’d spent so much time reading and rereading all of the instructions I could almost sew one up without even looking at my hard-earned translation.
But now the fun began. I got to put words into action and sew up my first Jordis. I knew the work would be worth, but wow! It’s love! The pattern has lots of areas to customize your look with color blocking, top stitching, and the option of adding drawstrings and grommets. And did you see the massive hood!
Plus, as a bonus, the pattern is drafted for almost any medium to heavier weight fabrics, which opens up so many more options! I loved the idea of using woven plaid flannel, find some here, for my lining to add visual interest. If you don’t want flannel you can always line it with some nice cotton lycra or DBP . The outer jacket is perfect for fabrics like quilted knits, sweatshirt fleece, or even denim!
With all these options, and everyone’s creativity, I cannot wait to see all the different versions made during our sew along starting January 22nd. Until then I’ll be spending my days prepping for the SAL and hibernating against our winter weather in my new Jordis.

- Wendy

Aurora Designs SAL coordinator.

Thanks so much Wendy for all your hard work and I can wait for the sew along!

Do you need the Jordis pattern? Head over to the Menagerie January 15-22nd to get your coupon code for 50% off! and the English translation :)


  • Cathryn

    Oh this is going to be so much fun!
    Thank you for all your research!!

  • Jenna Hobbs

    Can’t wait for this sal! Thanks for your hard work, Wendy!

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