Highlighting Unique design with CKC

Highlighting Unique design with CKC

One of the designers I tend to go back to over and over is CKC Patterns. With a huge amount of variety from basic items to those more unique its no wonder they are so popular and have a great facbook community

So lets highlight something Unique!

Orlena : available in baby, girl's and woman's

This pattern has such a fun back I just love it.

I chose to make these beauties using  a starwars strike from our current pre-order ( closing on the 2nd). I am infatuated with this print and have been dreaming of all the things I will make with it since I started designing it.

I was a little worried this pattern would be hard or complicated to put together due too its unique styling however the tutorial is very clearly written and has pictures to make it a piece of cake! And thank goodness for that.

I started with my daughters top and wanted a fun panel but was out of our in-house starwars panels in the correct size so decided to paint some of our white dbp to create one. It went great until my son decided to get the paint back out and "help" so in an effort to save it I ended up color blocking the front with more white dbp.

 I found it ran true to size  and fit my daughter really well. It has layers which I love and it was pretty easy to put together.

For mine I chose my size based on my bust... this was a mistake. I should have made a smaller size (where the rest on measurements fell) and done a full bust adjustment, oh well lived and learned. I love the pattern so I will for sure be making more.  I guess I will just have to give this one away. The woman's version was again easy to put together due to the amazing tutorial.

These tops are so amazing and I already have plans for a couple more!

I mentioned before that CKC has so much to offer. here are few of my other recent CKC or CKC modified makes.

Matching toby hoodies for my littles in Andromeda :

Brody for my husband using our solids and a custom in-house panel I designed and had brandy print for me:

My daughter also really loves the  Aleya's high-low top in our solid dbp. This one I modified to have a heart cut out:

If you cant tell I really have a thing for CKC. Have you tried any of their patterns yet? If not , Do!

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  • Jenna Hobbs

    All of these are amazing! Great work!

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