Quilted knit jumps into spring with this fun Mama Cassie Hack twist!

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Quilted knit jumps into spring with this fun Mama Cassie Hack twist!

PDF patterns have stolen my heart! What makes the even better is the hacks that many designers feature in the shop blogs, for these patterns. The hacks are great by themselves or you can add your own spin on things. 

I was recently looking through the Made For Mermaids sight and came across the Mama Cassie, I had seen this pattern before, but for some reason this time it really had my attention. They had pictures with some blog hacks featured in the listing, seeing the separates sparked my creativity. I went to bed dreaming of the pattern and where I wanted to take it. I just had to purchase it and bring my vision to life!

The next day I got up and set to work. I wanted to use the hack on the blog to make it into separates. I also wanted to line the bodice putting my own spin on things. First things first, I prepped the pattern and cut it per pattern instructions. I hate pattern prep. Once prepped, I was able to get to the fun part! 

I pulled up the blog and started with the skirt. I didn't add pockets so it was a super fast sew.

Next I moved to the bodice. I wanted to line it, I cut two front and two back bodice pieces out. I sewed the bodices (front to back) at the solder seams per instructions.

I then took my two bodices and put them right sides together pinning and surging them at the neckline with 3/8 inch seam allowance. 

From there I flipped the bodice right side out and pressed. I was using scuba so my pressing wasn't super effective. I laid the bodice flat with the neckline in the middle, of the front and back bodice.

Next I did a burrito role starting at the top and stopping just passed the neckline.

I pulled the bottom fabric under my role, to the top and brought the upper fabric over to meet it, pining it at the arm circle and stitching. I have used this video by Christie Archer  in the past as a visual. Turn garment right side out and repeat. 

Once  the arm circles were sewn I sewed the side seams. I did this by laying the outside bodice pieces right sides together, the inside bodice pieces right sides together and sewing them down the sides. Once my side seams were sewn I turned the garment right side out and hemmed. If you wanted to make it reversible, you could flip the lining hem up and outer bodice hem down and stitch around the bottom to hem. I didn't though.

I absolutely love how the quilted fabric brought texture and body to this outfit. Using scuba in the bodice balanced the textured bottom giving depth to the outfit. The colors scream spring and I now need one in all the quilted available in the shop! 


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