How to make a fabric memory game! #adholidays

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How to make a fabric memory game! #adholidays

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest or google and see something want to make, but the instructions are nowhere to be found?! That is what happened to me the other day and so I decided to wing it.

I am super happy with how it came out and I learned things that work and don’t along the way. I really wanted to use fabric scraps because my pile of them is over-flowing. I used all different bases of scraps and found that rayon French terry and Liverpool were no goes. I am now two matches down, but that’s ok because it is for my toddler and his attention span is not long.

The other thing I may choose to do different next time is to use interfacing between the squares. I feel by doing this, the fabrics would be more stable and my squares would be easier to serge.  I would add the stabilizer to the wrong side of the picture side of my pieces because they are most likely going to be knit. By doing this you may even be able to get the French terry and Liverpool to work because of the structure created. Now let’s get on with how I did it.


-You will want ¾ of a yard of a solid piece of fabric. I used thick quilting cotton. (the green fabric)

                -Several scrap pieces big enough to get two 5x5 inch squares off of. (I did 11 matches total, well 13 if you count the two I bailed on)

                - ¾ of a yard of iron on interfacing (optional, I didn’t do it with this set but will on my next one)

               - Iron on vinyl, or something to make labels if you want them.  (Optional) you can choose to omit these. Or use other ways such as but not limited to fabric marker, printable iron on fabric transfer, or embroidery.  (if using embroidery you will want to put your stabilizer on your backing and embroider prior to construction and possibly cutting depending on whoop size.) Get creative with it and have fun.

              - KAM snaps to secure bag. These can be substituted for Velcro or even buttons. You can even just tuck the flap into the bag to secure.

              - Rotary cutter and cut mat and/or scissors.


             -Serger / over locker (you can use a sewing machine but you will want 21inches of binding or bias tape per square.)

             - Iron

   Let’s get started!

  • Step one cut you squares 5” x 5” ( 11 matches and 22 backs for a total of 44 squares)


  • Step two pin/clip your back to your front wrong sides touching.
  • Step three, serge all outside edges. I used ¼ in seam allowance. (If you are sewing you will baste around all edges and then attach you bias or binding tape to your edges.)


  • Step four secure your tails. I used frat check but you can do whatever method you prefer. Then clip any excess thread.


Now for the bag construction.


  • Step five we are starting the bag I used my backing fabric. Cut an 8” wide by 16” tall rectangle.
  • Surge short ends


  • Step seven Fold your bottom edger up right sides facing to the 11.5” mark on your mat, (the folded edge will be 5 ¾”) pin or clip.


  • Step 8, serge the sides.


  • Step, 9 flip your bag so right sides are out.


  • Step ten, fold the top of bag down one inch so wrong sides are touching and press


  • Pinch sides and fold the one inch folded edge to the back of the bag down ¾”. Press and then surge off the extra ¼ of fabric along the top, securing the top three layers. fold top up and press the seam down towards opening.

Now attach your closures where you want them. I used KAM snaps and put the top snap ½” in and ½” down on the top flap, the bottom snaps were put 1/2” in and 1 1/2” down from the opening surged edge.

You can stop here with your completed project or jazz it up with some labels.

 I used vinyl on mine. Be creative and have fun!


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