Sewing the 5 Out Of 4 Agility Dress.

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Sewing the 5 Out Of 4 Agility Dress.

Hey, did you guys see Jennie Kelley’s amazing  agility tanks that she sewed up in the fandom strikes? Well I did and this pattern instantly went on my need to purchase list! Life got busy other projects came and went and this one still stayed on my mind. A couple days ago I received some liberty strikes, arnt they glorious (pre-order closes 4/22/18 so get your order in!)!

When I saw them, I knew that they needed to be an Agility tank so off I went to 5 out of 4's website to purchase the pattern. I came upon the pattern and the title read Agility tank/dress (insert record played backward sound effect). What!!!! Dress, I had seen it as a tank but not a dress, so I started scrolling the sample pics on the pattern and I found one picture of the dress. Just one. Well not that I needed any convincing but into the cart the pattern went.

After downloading the pattern, I checked the size chart and started printing. I really need to start checking the print page option because I didn’t need the last 6 pages.  Gluing the pages together went smoothly and I was ready to cut in no time.

Now I was at the upper end of the x-small lower end of the small on the size chart. It says in the pattern that it is a snug fit so I decided to go with a small. The reason for this is my strikes were on swim base and I didn’t want to have to line the dress. Swim is a wonderful fabric however, once stretched it can become transparent and the color can get faded. If I were to do this with an athletic brushed poly , double brushed poly, or our custom cotton lycra I would have gone with the x-small.

I was impressed by the amount of fit instruction given in the pattern, it is clear and helps you trouble shoot and adjust to make the pattern fit amazingly well. The options on this pattern are really nice too. You have the ability to just make the bra, do a tank and even a dress. There is also a maternity and nursing options, as well as different finishing options and two different back style options.

In the instructions she has you attach elastic and binding at the same time but later gives the tip to do them separate. I would recommend you do them separate. When doing them together you have less control and are likely to stretch your elastic. Another area of the pattern I changed was to cut my band ¼” taller so that I had room to turn the bottom edge of my band under and top stitch it down. She has you fold it under and trim off the excess. The last mod I made was to add a second lining on the front of the bra, my reason for this was because I was up-cycling some old bra cups and wanted to adjust and sew them prior to the garment construction.

I would say this pattern was worth the purchase for sure, I have a few more dresses planned as they will be a staple in my wardrobe come summer. I also have a few tanks and sports bras in mind. The pattern goes together easily and the instructions are super helpful.

Pictured below is the dress option with the strappy back in the shops liberty fabrics (pre- order closes 4/22/18)

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