Greenstyle's Pacific Pullover~ Review and Small hack.

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Greenstyle's Pacific Pullover~ Review and Small hack.

Whoop whoop the pattern has released and I can stop teasing you now! Hear she is in all her glory the Greeenstyle Pacific Pullover! I absolutely love this pattern and I can honestly say that there was a good amount of work put into perfecting the fit of this pattern. Angelyn really listens to her testers and is super active with the group. Perhaps this is why I have yet to be disappointed with one of Greenstyles patterns.

What is so great about this pattern you ask? Well let’s start with the options. This pattern has 4 neckline finishing options they include, hood, hood with zipper, banded and a collar with zipper. Not only are these options great for giving you different looks, it also makes this pattern a great pattern to grow your sewing skill. If you are a beginning seamstress you can start with the band and work your way up to the collar option. Or you can dive head first into the collar option because the instructions are good and her Facebook team is always there to help. That is probably one of my favorite things about PDF patterns in general, the access to answers quickly. You also can choose to band or hem the cuffs and the hemline. I feel like this gives you the ability to use this pattern for a casual, or a more professional look. You can choose to go with sleeves or omit them, giving year around use. Last but certainly not least of the options is pockets! I love pockets and this pattern gives you options for a side drop pocket or a hidden kangaroo and if you are really feeling wild you could do both.

Let’s discuss the split sleeve design I saw this design and immediately thought sleeve pocket! Hack time! Yes, while a sleeve pocket was not a feature offered in the pattern, I hacked it in. How you ask well it’s a secret and I will never tell (insert evil laugh here).

Just kidding I took the outer sleeve and made a mark ½” down from the armpit point and drew a straight line, I then drew another straight line 1” up from that point.


I also drew straight lines on the lengthen and shorten lines. Then I folded the top of the pattern piece down at the line above my armpit point and folded it up at the lower lengthen and shorten line. I used the un-folded section to cut a piece. It should look like this (the armpit curve is in the upper right corner of picture):

From here I finished the top and bottom straight edges of that piece leaving he armpit curve unfinished.

I had already cut two mirrored sleeves. I grabbed the sleeve that was the same direction as my newly cut pocket piece (in this case right sleeve) and cut it on the line ½” below the armpit point on the pattern piece.  From here I finished newly cut edges and the folded the finished edges up/down 1/4” and hemmed.

Then I took these pieces and laid them on the pocket piece, with one inch between the sleeve pieces, separating the split. I basted the sides of the pieces together then I top stitched across the top sleeve and across the bottom of the pocket piece. From here I treated the top sleeve as one piece and constructed the rest from pattern instructions.


You could make the pocket more custom fit to your phone by cutting a smaller rectangle ½” wider than your phone and 3 inches shorter than the pocket piece.  Then attaching the rectangle on the straight side and 1” up from the pocket piece, before attaching it to the front sleeve pieces. However, I have yet to do it so I will edit later when I do!

I already have plans to make a black double brushed poly one in the near future, in the mean time I am super excited to rock the ones I have already sewn! 


This is the sleeved zip up collar option made out of our boho crowns in athletic brushed poly. I used a 9 inch zipper for this one.

This one is the hooded sleeveless, I used some of our Emi to make the drawstring, I feel like it really gave a cohesive look to this outfit.

This last one is made out of neon yellow quilted and heavy nylon with a 7 inch zipper. Well until next time bye!


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