Chelsea Pants in Stretch Denim are Life

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Chelsea Pants in Stretch Denim are Life

Scuba, Stretch Denim, and a Brand New Hack!

Hey all! Welcome to Day 3 of the Chelsea Pants Blog Tour! In today's blog, I'm going to do a short comparison of my experience sewing these amazing Chelsea Pants by Greenstyle Creations and Aurora Design's very own Brandi Lowery's experience using her newly stocked Stretch Denim. I'm also going to bring you Brandi's hack, the Grommet Tie Waistband Hack!

If you weren't already aware, Aurora Design Fabrics is giving away a wonderful prize at the end of this blog tour - a Stretch Denim fabric pack! So be sure to read all the way to the bottom and enter the rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win a FREE copy of the Chelsea Pants Pattern AND Stretch Denim!

Chelsea Pants in Scuba Scuba vs Stretch Denim Chelsea Pants in Stretch Denim

Sewing Chelsea Pants with Scuba - My Experience

I decided to make the Chelsea Pants with scuba because I didn't have immediate access to good quality stretch denim. I ran to JoAnn Fabrics and searched their entire knit collection before finding something that I loved. I found a very stable scuba knit in an amazing print that I knew would look stellar as a pair of pants. Also, I may have been searching for something that would really kick up the nostalgic aspect of the flare and make them totally rad, man! Okay, I'll dial it back a bit and get back to present.

This was my first time sewing with scuba. I was nervous at first, but it was really very easy! My machines sewed right through it like butter. It didn't slip and slide like I thought it would, probably due to the stability of the fabric itself. One frustration that I had with the scuba was that I couldn't iron it. No matter how hot I got my iron or how long I pressed it, it wouldn't stay put. I decided to skip adding pockets for this reason, but that's okay. I love the pants anyway! 

As a finished garment, I love the feel of the scuba. It's like wearing fancy yoga pants, but they look like dress pants. It can't get much better than that! My overall favorite feature of these pants are the waistband.  A pull-on pant that looks like normal pants?! Yes, please! This momma's muffintop days are over thanks to Chelsea Pants! Now to make them in all the fabrics and utilize all the amazing hacks floating around out there! Speaking of fabrics and hacks, let's move onto Brandi's experience with Chelsea pants.

Sewing Chelsea Pants with Stretch Denim - Brandi's Experience

Much like my experience with the scuba, Brandi had no issues sewing these pants with stretch denim. She did all of her sewing, minus topstitching, with her serger with zero issues at all. She mentioned that it was actually easier working with this stretch denim than with some lighter weight knits! That just might encourage someone to jump in and sew their very own jeans! To top it off, it took her less than an hour from cut to finish. Less than one hour, y'all! If that doesn't make you want to go make your own pants, I don't know what else will. Brandi says, "I just might live in these pants! For a 24/7 leggings person, that means a lot!" Without saying, Chelsea Pants in Stretch Denim are life! Now onto yet another amazing hack!

Brandi's Hack - Grommet Tie Waistband

Grommet Tie Waistband Hack

Here is a step-by-step tutorial so you can hack your own Chelsea Pants waistband:

Step 1Step 1

Step One:

When cutting the pattern, cut out the waistband to the size of the actual pieces. Next, you will follow the button hack for closing the edges and turning as two separate pieces, and attaching to top of pants.

Step 2

Step Two:

Measure and mark where you would like the grommets to be placed. For the high waist I chose three, but you could easily fit a fourth if you want or less for you are doing the lower waistband option.

Step 3

Step Three:

Use scissors to cut an "X" to make space for the grommet. On lighter fabrics, one small hole is usually enough.

step 4Step 4

Step Four:

Take the side that is taller with the smaller hole and push that through your "X" from the front.

Step 5

Step Five:

Attach the other side of the grommet to the back of the fabric

Step 6Step 6

Step Six:

Place on table or floor with the black disk on the front side and the silver part on the back side then hammer until the grommet is closed.

Step 7

Step Seven:

Cut your chosen ties, lace, and tie. See, grommets aren't that scary! What an awesome hack to the already amazing Chelsea Pants!

Recap - Chelsea Pants are Awesome

As if this new pattern wasn't already awesome enough, we had to bring you yet another hack to add to your arsenal. This pattern can be used with so many fabric types, it's actually kind of crazy! From knits to stretch wovens, this pattern can do it all! I personally cannot wait for my Aurora Stretch Denim to arrive so that I can try my own and incorporate some of the brilliant hacks that have been posted this week. 

See below for Aurora Design Fabric info and enter the giveaway for your chance to win a FREE copy of the Chelsea Pants pattern and a FREE Stretch Denim Fabric Pack!

Chelsea Pants in Stretch Denim  Chelsea Pants in Stretch Denim  Chelsea Pants  Chelsea Pants

Aurora Design Fabric Scuba and Stretch Denim Info

Aurora Design Fabrics is having an awesome Scuba Solids Flash Pre-Order for $5 per yard (Ends Friday, October 15th) and a Stretch Denim Flash Pre-Order for $7 per yard (Ends Friday, October 22nd) so be sure to hop over to Aurora's website to place your order now! Also, be sure to check out the in-stock Stretch Denim if you want to get your hands on some now! 

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  • Jodi

    I love the flare and the button hack. Dark indigo would be my choice!

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    I’d love a pair in Indigo! And I’d definitely do the button front option!

  • Ellen

    I need a pair of these in black! I think I could get away with them as work pants that way!

  • Brenda

    They look stylish and comfy

  • Lindsay

    I like be the idea of scuba!

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