Week 21: Sew something using neutral colors

Week 21: Sew something using neutral colors

Um What?!? I am a bright and vibrant colors type of gal and tend not to use any neutral colors so this one actually is a bit of a personal challenge for me. 1 I need to find a neutral in my stash and two I need to figure out what to make whith whatever fabric type that neutral is. I will be real honest I'm not totally sure I have neutrals in my stash but lets check!


I found One! A sweater knit from our holiday mystery boxes. It happens to be a white with black stripes, super soft and stretchy knit that would make a dream cardigan. So that is it, sometimes you just have to let the fabric speak to you and this one is whispering Cocoon Cardi. 

The cocoon cardi is designed by pirates for patterns featuring a looser fit and a few length and sleeve length options as well as the option for pockets. The entire outer edge is banded so no hemming needed ...Yippee! And it is a fairly quick sew which is even better. 

One Hour Later..... 




I love the way this cardi looks with my new blue bag too! 

What are you making this week? Show us in the comments section and don't forget to check in next week as wee continue our 52 week sewing challenge adventure! 

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