Week 19 : A shirt

Week 19 : A shirt

Another Monday and another weekly challenge to fill our time. This week in the 52 week sewing challenge is to sew a shirt.  For those of us that regularly sew clothing this is a simpler challenge but, I still wanted to do something other than a simple tee or raglan. I landed on the Petite Stitchery and Co. woman's swanky tank.  

This tank is a fun twist on a great spring and summer classic. The slightly inset shoulder lines as a flirty feel to this top that I just love.  I opted to do my own color blocking on this one to make it even a bit more fun and to use up some small pieces of stripe emi I had hidden in a scrap bin. 

I had originally planned on putting this top in my bin of stock for local shows but after looking at the pictures I just adore the way it looks on. so I am going to keep it for myself! 


Check back with us next week to see what amazing things Elizabeth makes for her weekly challenge!






  • Crystal

    I like idea of a weekly sewing challenge! Just happened upon this!

  • Jenna Hobbs

    What a fun use of Emi! Great job!

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