Waffles, they're not just for breakfast!!! 🧇

Waffles, they're not just for breakfast!!! 🧇

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Waffles are a BIG deal in my house.... Whenever I ask the boys what they'd like for breakfast 82.5% of the time they all want waffles 🤣 The rest of the time they fight over if they should have crepes or cereal or cinnamon rolls, but that's a story for a different time 🤣 When I saw that there was a fabric out there called Waffle Knit, well I HAD to check it out and see what it was because are waffles delicious, those pockets are perfect for holding mouthwatering butter and syrup, so of course a fabric named after a waffle HAS to be delicious too right.... Delicious more in the WOW this fabric is AMAZING way, not in the YUM this fabric tastes awesome way. Please do NOT try and eat your waffle knit fabric😬🤣

Anyway I digress, Waffle Knit.... I had to get some and try it out and I am SO SO GLAD I did!!! Not only is this fabric my go to for cardigans, but it makes FABULOUS sweaters as well! Waffle knit comes in a bunch of different varietys though, some waffle knits are a bit looser weave then others, but they all have those distinctive waffle pockets in them that help to give it it's name! So come on a journey with me as we learn more about.... Waffle Knits!

What is Waffle Knit?
Waffle Knit, also known as Honeycomb, is woven in a grid like pattern to help create those AMAZING square like pockets that not only give the fabric depth and character, they are also super absorbant and help to hold heat in! Because of the distinctive pattern of waffle knit it allows air to flow through it helping the garment to "breathe" and therefore allowing all the moisture it can absorb to dry quickly which is why it is PERFECT for those Spring and Fall days that start off chilly, warm up in the afternoon, and then cool down again in the evening. Your garment will be able to adapt to the conditions allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the day 😲 

Waffle Knit is typically made out of cotton, wool, or polyester, and the weave can go from tight (the square are tightly weaved so there is no space between the fibers) to loose (the squares are loosely weaved allowing a gap to form between the fibers). The waffle knit we offer here at Ash and Elm is a losser weave which allows the fabric to drape more versus being stiff. With a 67% polyester (a fiber made with petroleum, air, and water), 31% rayon (fibers made using wood pulp), 2% spandex (fibers made using polyurethane which gives the fabric it's stretch) not only does it allow air flow through the garment preventing you from getting too hot, but it has the PERFECT amount of drape for cardigans and yet enough structure to make a comfy top! If you want to walk around feeling like you are wrapped in the most comfortabel blanket, but you still look FABULOUS, than Waffle Knit is the fabric for you! 😍

What sould I look for when buying Waffle Knit?
This is a bit of a tough question and it would really depend on what you plan on making with your Waffle Knit. The tighter the weave the less flowy your garment will be, so if you are wanting something very structured (like a bathrobe) you are going to want to look for a nice tight weave, this will also allow the garment to be more absorbent. If, however, your wanting something that has more drape to it to create a nice flowy cardigan, you are going to want a looser weave which will give the fibers more room to move and float down your garment.


I really love more of a chunky Waffle when making caridgans becaues the drape is nice and fluctuating giving it beautiful cascading lines. I also LOVE the way the more open weave allows little pops of color to show through when using it as a top! 


Tips for sewing Waffle Knit:

  • Like with all knits you are going to want to preshrink your fabric. Wash and dry it in the same way you would if it were a garment unless instructed otherwise by the supplier. This will help to prevent your garment from shrinking so it's a SUPER important step you don't want to skip!
  • Do not stretch your fabric while you are sewing. Because of the open weave waffle knit doesn't have the bounce back recovery you would see with a tighter weaved fabric. If you stretch this knit out while sewing your seams will be wavy and elongated which will greatly effect the way it fits. 
  • Pick the right pattern.... Although not quite as heavy as Cable Knit, Waffle Knit is heavier than your typical knit fabric. Choosing looser fitted garments that way as your fabric stretches throughout the day you don't loose the shape. 
  • Stabilize areas that will hold more weight. Because Waffle Knit stretches so much you are going to want to add clear elastic to help hold that weight up especially around the shoulders.

What types of garments can I make with Waffle Knit?
Waffle Knit is PERFECT for caridgans (like the Tanacross Cardigan from Pattern Niche), sweaters, scarves, robes, beanies, socks, pajamas, and so much more! It's SUPER comfortable and keeps you nice and toasty so if you are looking for that PERFECT fabric for those days that you just want to curl up on the couch and read a good book, Waffle Knits for you 💕


xoxo- Melissa 😘

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