Turning a Panel into a Decorative Pillow

Turning a Panel into a Decorative Pillow

So I've got panels coming out of my ears. EVERY time I get on the site I find a new panel that I LOVE and have to have, and so my panel collection over the past few months has really gotten quite LARGE and now that I've got quite a stockpile of them I'm trying out new techniques and ways to use them. 

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of someone who turned a panel into a decorative pillow and I thought not only was it a GENIUS idea, but it is such a FUN way to make a room feel festive! 😍 That's why when we started decorating the house for Christmas today I decided we needed a cute new pillow to put in our entryway so guests coming over will be greeted with a good dose of Holiday Cheer. 🎅

The first thing I did was grab a pillow form. The one I found wasn't super fluffy so I decided to add a little bit more poly-fil to give it a little extra body. After that I needed to measure everything to make sure the panel would work for the project. 


The pillow form is an 18x18 and while everything will fit perfectly I did need to manipulate it all a little a differently than I was originally planning, so I had to go back to the drawing board for a second. I cut the panel 20" wide by 36" long, and sewed up 3 of the sides. My original plan was to do an envelope pillowcase that way I could change it out accodring to the occasion, but after playing around with it for a bit I decided I would add a zipper instead.


For being a completely self drafted project and adding the zipper in without any tutorial I am SUPER happy with how this turned out!!! 

What are some ideas you have for using panels? Thanks to the 50% off Black Friday Sale I just bought a TON more!!! 

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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