Project Run and Play - Signature Style Week

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Project Run and Play - Signature Style Week

Many who sew, and even many who don't, are familiar with the hit series Project Runway. But, a more exciting series for me is Project Run and Play. Just like the hit TV show, Project Run and Play features incredibly talented designers who must sew up creations following a specific weekly theme or challenge each week, which is judged and voted upon, ending with a winner and, unfortunately, someone being "sent home", all featured on the Project Run and Play blog. The cool twist to PRP is that all the garments made are for kids! It has been amazing to watch seamstresses that I've gotten to know or see online in various sewing communities compete and show off their incredible talents. Now to the next fun twist to PRP, each week anyone following along at home can join in the fun and link up their own personal creations for a chance to win some awesome prizes. This week is the final week, which features everyone's Signature Style. (Check out the finalists creations here!)

 I have been sewing along as much as our multistate move and my kids have allowed (see our circus look from week 1 here, and our stripe look from week 3 here), so here I now present our "Signature Style" look... Mini Moto!

When I first got my hands on this neon quilted from the shop I wasn't quite sure what it was going to become. But then, when I got a strike off from Dicarpo Designs I knew they were meant for each other. I had a vision in my head, inspired by my husband's riding jacket, but needed a good base to use as my starting point. For that, I turned to Apple Tree Sewing Patterns and used her Big Kid Bunny Hug to begin.

The bold print and electric color needed some intense design elements to feature and show them off. I also knew it needed some moto hacks added because this girl has edge. I started by printing out my pattern to then immediately start cutting it apart to plan our the various pockets, panels, and patches I was going to add.

Eventually I was satisfied with my pieces and began the process of cutting into the fabrics and merging them together. I used a new-to-me technique using my coverstitch machine to pleat a couple of pieces of black scuba to create my moto patches, before cutting the shapes out. Checking my pieces before construction


My ruler and iron became my best friends...

But it was well worth the extra time getting the pleats even and set!

My coverstitch continued to get a work out with all the top stitching I added to highlight the curves and panels of this now mostly unrecognizable Bunny Hug. To top it off, I added a half zip for comfort and style.

The end result was a super cool, moto style hoodie which we both fell in love with. I love the creative process and challenge of taking something and giving it my own spin, and she loved the comfort and style of the finished product.


I tried to get a shot with the top combined with these moto hacked Bunny Bottoms, also from Apple Tree Sewing Patterns, for the complete look but it wasn't in the cards for us this time around. Maybe next time when we aren't moving around and my model hasn't broken a toe. ;)


Until next time, happy sewing!




  • Karen

    I am very impressed with your pattern design! The jacket is perfect for a tween!

  • Sherri

    That sweater is amazing!!

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