Perfectly Pleated.... with a side of imperfection.

Perfectly Pleated.... with a side of imperfection.

I like most of you am a master of imperfection. Almost every project I have ever made has some sort of blip. Sometimes so tiny it is not know, other times so large I just toss the whole thing in the scrap bin. this is one of the reasons I favor knit fabrics so much.  Knit can be very forgiving.  But as with all things I try to occasionally step outside of my norm and this project sure did that for me..

Woven.... Pleats.....Buttons... scratch that, out of buttons the ones I bought for this I guess grew legs. But the first two alone typically make me frown and skip a pattern. However a while back I signed up to do  GYCT patterns series and I got the tally skirt. I was really unsure of how this would go for many reasons but mostly because I didn't have a ton of woven fabrics in stock since it isn't my go to. Luckily Strikes came in just in time and I happened to get some woven cotton.  I decided that the coordinate would make a beautiful tally skirt with accents of the unicorn print. I was right. 

The patter has two options : a skirt or shorts. 

I chose the skirt thinking my daughter would likely wear that more than shorts since she is a dress girl. 

The pieces for the skirt is all rectangles and has a cut chart which is well layed out and easy to read.  It took me about 25 minutes to cut out however I have a miserable toddler with hand foot mouth right now and had to stop multiple times to console him.  Distraction free it would likely only take me about 10 minutes or less to cut.

The beginning of the construction was easy enough. I recommend reading each step and actually pressing when it says to. I didn't mostly due to the fact that I forgot I still haven't replaced the ironing board I left in Indiana. I was going to use my flat iron but it got lost in the black hole that is my sewing area. So life goes and I winged it. However, I noticed my pleats came out a bit uneven after stitching. Like I said earlier, imperfections!  I got really confused  with the waist band and was getting super irritated. I couldn't hear my own thoughts over the constant " mommy, mommy, mommy ". Once I got those noises taken care of I was able to read the steps and it made a lot more sense and was easy to finish. 

I pulled that baby off my machine and immediately fell in love with it and went off in search of the younger toddler to put it on her hoping she liked it and would be happy to take pictures and show off her new skirt. 

After convincing her to want to try it on I was so happy thinking that was going to be an easy set of photos. one foot in, other foot in, pull up her rather large thighs and crap! it was stuck.  This beautiful skirt was not going on my daughter. I might have had a mini mommy meltdown. You know that silent crying on the inside because nothing is seeming to go right today kind of thing. Don't lie you know exactly what I'm talking about. We all have those days, its ok its part of life.  

By some unknown grace my daughter happily decided she wanted her stuffed Chewbacca to wear the skirt so we skipped back to find said wookie in the horror that is currently their bedroom.  I'm not sure how George Lucas would feel about chewy wearing a super girly skirt but today I am calling it a win. 

I love the look of this skirt and will absolutely make her another one after retaking her measurements since she apparently had a mysterious growth spurt. 

Thanks so much to GYCT for giving me the opportunity to try another of their patterns! Go join their group to see all the amazing things people make with their patterns. 

The unicorns round will be opening soon so check the group for updates on that!



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