Oh Wednesday !

Oh Wednesday !

Its a rainy gloomy day here full of sewing and prep for an event that hopefully I have made enough clothing for.  Today instead of showing you a project or one of our beautiful fabrics I want to talk about efficiency. Kind of odd right? What in the world does that have to do with sewing?  

Last night during the course of almost 3 hours I made two cardigans. Not to bad for cut to finish however, these cardis were already cut and yet some how it took me that long just to stitch them together.   Why did it take this long? Simple I was tired. Very very tired. But it got me thinking about how  that use to be normal for me and now it's crazy.

On a normal sunny day these cardis take me 15-20 min to sew up when everything is already cut. Huge difference right? 

What is efficient and works well for me might not be the answer for someone else, but maybe it might help someone find thier way. 

However... I get asked a lot how I can make so much stuff in such a short period of time given I typically don't sew when my kids are awake. 

The answer is I found a system that works well for me! After trial and error I discovered how to be most efficient with my time and skill without getting bored and burnt out.  

I make a list (sometimes on paper sometimes a mental one) of the things I plan to sew the coming week and pull all the fabric and patterns for those items.  Typically Sunday night I do all my predictable cutting for the week. I say predictable because sometimes strikes or something come in unplanned that need a quick turn around.  As I cut each item I put the project in a ziplock bag and put it on my "to sew" shelf. 

Then as the week goes on I do one project at a time during nap times and after the kids go to bed.  This is how I get so many things made almost every week. 

So what's your process? Do you precuts and sew in batches or do you cut and sew each project individually? I love learning how people do things and what works 


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