My List of Must Have Sewing Tools

My List of Must Have Sewing Tools the Holidays right around the corner and Black Friday only a few days away I've been busy building my wish lists the past few days. I am constantly finding new and cool tools that I want to try and much to my husbands frustration am horrible at waiting for holidays or birthdays to get them. 😬 So when asked for my list every year I draw a complete blank 😫 This year I reached out to everyone in the Ash and Elm Facebook Group for help and I decided to share some of our FAVORITES with you! 😘


If you do a lot of sewing especially PDF sewing you are going to want a projector!! When I first gor my projector I was super nervous.... It was such a foreign concept, and I was really stressed by thinking about all the things that could go wrong. I joined the Facebook Group Projectors for Sewing and not only did they help point me in the right direction for the best projector for me, but they helped teach me how to set it up and calibrate it too. Now instead of spending half my time taping patterns together I can pull them up on my computer project them right onto my fabric and start sewing right away. Not only am I able to actually sew more, but I'm getting more adventerous and trying new things and patterns because I don't have to worry as much about cutting up the paper I just worked so hard to make sure was perfectly lined up to try hacking it into something different.


If you've ever stabbed yourself with a pin then you know why I HATE using them. I swear those suckers have it out for me because EVERYTIME I use one it finds some impossible way to stab me 😭 That's why when someone told me about clips I knew this wasn't something I could wait on adding to my sewing regime. Now instead of being stabbed I get to dodge dive bombing clips 🤣🤣 If you have a serger clips are an ABSOLUTE must! If you've ever ran over a pin with your serger you know how your project can turn into a horror movie real fast, so by using clips you aren't only saving yourself but your machines as well!

That Purple Thang:

I use my Purple Thang EVERY TIME I sit down to sew.... I'm not even kidding. This is the ONE tool that if it goes missing I actually stop what I'm doing to find it. It's perfect for pulling your threads out to snip when you're using a coverstitch, and anytime I need to get a corner pushed out this gets right in there! I swear I come up with a new way to use this thing every other day! When you get it at first you'll be like really this isn't that big of a deal, but after just a few uses you'll suddenly realize that it is the most VERSATILE tool in your lineup! 😍

Tube Turner:

I know this tool looks like some kind of medieval torture tool, but actually it is a SANITY savor if you ever do straps or drawstrings. Basically any tube type sewing that you would normally use a safety pin to turn, now instead of trying to search around for your pin and then getting frustrated when it comes undone inside the tube, you just put your fabric on the one side close it up and move it to the other side! The only thing I regret about this tool is that I waited so long to get it. 😍

What's on your must have list this year? 

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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