Meet the AMAZING Lauren and Becky.... 2/3 of the FABULOUS Fam Jam Team 😍

Meet the AMAZING Lauren and Becky.... 2/3 of the FABULOUS Fam Jam Team 😍

Today I got a special treat.... I got to actually meet and hang out with two of our AMAZING #FAMJAMS host, and I LOVED.EVERY.SECOND of it!!! Let me just say I am now calling myself a Machine Interpreter instead of a sewist 😍🤣 We had such an AWESOME time learning more about the #FAMJAMS and how Lauren and Becky's sewing journeys have progressed! You can find Laurens AMAZING work at Sew Between The Lines Blog and Instagram and Becky's FABULOUS creations on Facebook and InstagramIf you missed out chat earlier today have no fear because I got all the FUN recorded so I could share it with you here! After watching, keep scrolling to read more about Becky 😍



Hi! My name is Becky Jasa, and I am the artist, sewist, and surface pattern designer at ALPHA & Eve.  I’m so thrilled to be collaborating with Ash & Elm this month on our #FAMJAMS Family Pajama Sew-A-Long, and I just want to thank both Brandi and Melissa for supporting this event with all of the wonderful blog posts as a prize sponsor!  It has been a fun time bringing sewists of all levels together as a community to create a cozy little corner on the internet for a time all while making something warm and comfy for our families.  It started as just a whim of an idea suggested by a good friend of mine, and with the support and encouragement of both Lauren and Brittnie, it quickly grew and became this fun event.  I’m hoping enough people have enjoyed it that we can make it a yearly thing.

So, a little about me, I’ve actually been sewing for most of my life. My mom taught me to sew as a little girl and I can still picture my first dress - a three tiered polka dot skirt with a lavender tank top (I never picked the easy stuff, lol!).  And since then, I’ve been making clothes and items for the home here and there, but I didn’t really start sewing seriously until I was pregnant with our first baby and wanted to make all of the baby things! After he was born, I started sewing cloth diaper inserts for a friend that made them as her business in return for diapers, and then started my own side business making wet bags (bags that held dirty cloth diapers).  I found PDF patterns after having our third child, when none of my clothes fit anymore, and have been sewing clothes for myself and my kids for the past 6+ years.  I started sewing custom clothing on the side about 2.5 years ago, and my favorite things to sew are sweatshirts and dresses.  I don’t know why I love hoods, because I rarely actually wear them, but I never sew crewnecks, only hoodies! And since I started sewing, I LOVE to wear dresses!

My favorite sewing tools are definitely sewing clips and mini scissors, with a close second being a rotary cutter (who has time to cut with scissors, seriously???)  And the one technique that I seriously have not figured out is binding. I can do the two step binding, although I don’t like taking time to do it, but the binding attachment is still an anomaly to me - I would love to master that, especially for swimwear.  But currently I am notorious for missing the back side of the fabric and having to do the entire binding over again.  My least favorite part of sewing is hands down seam ripping. I consider the entire day a win if I sew even 5 minutes without having to seam rip.  That little tool is extremely handy, no doubt, but I’d prefer if it stays hidden in the drawer.

When I am sewing I love to listen to the Harry Potter books. A number of years ago, I downloaded the entire series to my Ipod and I have listened to it on repeat at least 20 times. If I am sewing something new or cutting out a pattern, I really can’t listen to anything because I struggle to pay attention to what I’m doing, but once I start sewing something familiar, Harry and I can resume our friendship like it’s been no time at all. And speaking of Harry, I was over the moon when I saw all of the HP panels that Ash & Elm had available! My kiddos have just recently gotten into the stories, as my oldest just had his 11th birthday, so it has been sooooo fun to share my Potter love with them as well! I can’t wait to get mine all sewn up!

If there is one thing I were to tell someone who is new to sewing, it would be to keep trying.  There are lots of ways to do things, and if you try something and aren’t happy with the results, just try again.  There are a bunch of online videos and sewing communities, and most of them are very friendly, so if you search through them or feel comfortable enough to ask, someone will usually take the time to help you out.  I am not a professional, and I know there are techniques taught to professional tailors that I do imperfectly, and I am completely ok with that.  There are always going to be people who sew better than I do, and there are always going to be sewers with less experience, but the important thing is that we enjoy our craft and encourage each other.

As far as fashion is concerned, I typically wear a more casual wardrobe - jeans and a cardi or nicer sweatshirt, but my all-time FAVORITE era of fashion is the 1950’s and 60’s. The silhouette of a Jackie O. dress or an Audrey Hepburn cigarette pants and ballet neck top are the bees knees!  I think if fitted properly, any woman appears put together and classy in either of these looks.  The style that I just don’t understand is the boxy crop top and white washed “mom” jeans. It didn’t look good in the 80’s and the revamped version that is happening right now is not my cup of tea either. I just don’t feel that it is favorable to very many figures, and I don’t understand why all of the stores are only selling this one style of clothing when there are so many varieties of people in the world.  Another reason why sewing for yourself is such a great option!

Again, thanks so much for having me on the Ash & Elm Blog and for partnering with Lauren, Brittnie & ALPHA & Eve for this 2021 #FAMJAMS event, we appreciate you!

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