Meet our 2022 Ash & Elm Team- Brittnie Landsgard 😍

Meet our 2022 Ash & Elm Team- Brittnie Landsgard 😍

Hi, I'm Brittnie Landsgard, a stay at home mom of two.  I have a strong love for coffee, music, staying active, and of course, sewing. 

   My sewing journey began in high school.  I had a wonderful Home Economics teach that ignited my love for sewing.  I didn't do much with it until my daughter was born.   My husband is very tall and I have always had an issue with the way clothes fit.  I could tell very early on, fitting my babies in ready to wear clothes, was going to be a challenge.  
To learn knits, I first started with making beanies and headbands.  When I became pregnant with my son, I was determined to make 90% of my kids wardrobe.
  Since then I began testing for Lowland Kids, Ellie and Mac, Little Lizard King, Little Vintage Lady, and Sunflower Seams Pattern Company. 
   I have been with Ash and Elm for a little over a year now.  I love the quality of fabric, the beautiful art, and witty panels that Ash and Elm has to offer.   Along with the amazing and supportive community. 
  My goals for 2022 are: sew a purse with a zipper, make myself athletic leggings,  and sew a new to me pattern that I already own, at least once a month. 

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    She’s amazing!!

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