Meet our 2022 Ash & Elm Team- Angel Brock

Meet our 2022 Ash & Elm Team- Angel Brock

Hey everyone!

I’m Angel. A stay at home mom of 3. Sewing, gardening and crafting are my favorite hobbies.

I’ve been a part of Ash and Elm’s strike team for about a year. When I discovered Ash and Elm their unique designs and awesome panels drew me in. I love that they do in house printing and are family ran. Ash and Elm really has it all, custom fabric, panels, non-custom fabric and sewing notions. It’s a company I really take pride in being a part of.

I learned how to sew after I was gifted a singer sewing machine as an early Christmas present. I was a new mom and had just moved 2500 miles away from WA state to TX state. I grew up in Washington and left my family and friends behind so to say I was bored and antsy living in a rural town is an understatement. My husbands grandma taught me the basics like how to thread the machine, wind the bobbins and I took off from there.

I started out sewing bows and then moved on to baby shoes and knit fabrics. I opened up an online boutique selling my handmade baby leather shoes, clothing items and accessories. That was fun for about 3ish years and then when I got pregnant with my 2nd child I closed shop to focus on my son and new arrival.

After having my daughter I joined the testing world and then a short time after the strike world and never looked back. Sewing for me is relaxing. It’s so satisfying to be able to create something from nothing. I sewed for probably 6 years before I ever attempted to sew anything for myself. I’m not sure why but the thought of sewing adult patterns scared me. I love that I can grade patterns to fit my short 5’1 height and always have a great fit.

I’m super excited to be apart of the Ash and Elm team this year and can’t wait to see what 2022 has to bring!

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