Meet Our 2022 Ash & Elm Team- Amy Gilane

Meet Our 2022 Ash & Elm Team- Amy Gilane

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m from West Bend, Wisconsin.
I’m a mom to three, tending to four horses and over 15 chickens, cats, and even a dog! We live and love our rural farm life!

I have been sewing since I was child, making my first Barbie clothes, doll clothes, and doilies before I was 10! I run a small sewing business from our home, sewing full time! Our hope is for only handmade or gifted clothing by end of this year-socks and undies included!

Sewing for Ash and Elm is a blast! I try all kinds of new patterns, and find fun ways to use panels! I love kid and doll panels to make matching sets, and the fun ones for my husband and myself! I enjoy the variety of bases and designs-and some of my customers do too!

My main sewing goal is to tackle socks, fun athletic wear, and possibly a cloth diaper or two!

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  • Jenna Hobbs

    I just love her! So glad she’s on the team!

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