Meet our 2022 Ash and Elm Team- Tamar Pfeiffer

Meet our 2022 Ash and Elm Team- Tamar Pfeiffer

Hi sewing friends!  My name is Tamar and I am thrilled to be a part of the Ash and Elm team.  I just love everything about Ash and Elm.  They are a great small business run by a wonderful family!  I love that they source all of their bases from the United States and print everything in-house.  This makes their turn around very very quick!  This is good news for me because, seriously guys, I don’t even know what I’m going to make for dinner in two hours.  My brain can’t handle planning my sewing 12 weeks in advance!

I grew up watching my Mom sew.  To this day, the sound of sewing scissors cutting on a wooden table immediately takes me back to my childhood and brings to memory my Mom cutting out her next sewing project on the kitchen table.  She taught me to sew when I was young, and I fell in love with sewing from my very first project.  

Nearly 3 years ago, I got my first serger, started pattern testing, started strike-off sewing, and got my first DSLR camera to photograph my makes.  It has been an amazing journey, and I have discovered that I love contributing to the sewing community, finding a creative outlet, and sewing the wardrobes of my five children.

This year my sewing goal is to make those things that I hate shopping for.  Jeans and a swimsuit are at the top of that list!  Here’s hoping I like what I make and don’t have to go shopping!  

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