Meet Our 2022 Ash and Elm Team- Lo Kaitlin

Meet Our 2022 Ash and Elm Team- Lo Kaitlin

Hey Everyone!

I’m so excited to share with you a little more about myself as part of the Ash & Elm Strike Team. I live in Southeast Wisconsin which means right now we’re in the middle of winter and it is COLD here. So you won’t see many outside pictures of me unless there is a day where the snow is too pretty to resist. I’m a mom of two, and I’m sure you’ve seen me sew for my littles a time or two. In addition to sewing I’m currently finishing school to become a Medical Coder, and I work in the cafeteria at my kids’ school which I love. Yes, I’m really a lunch lady! LOL  In the colder months I am on a bowling team every other Friday, and in the summer I play on a bags (cornhole) league with my bestie and sometimes join in on some sand volleyball leagues.


I started sewing when I was pretty young. I don’t remember exactly when, but I know it was grade school age. I do remember making my first wearable garment in 7th grade with just a little bit of my mom’s help. But other than the small home economics classes, I didn’t sew again until I decided I needed to make my own homecoming dress sophomore year of high school. Later on in high school I took sewing as an elective my junior and senior years. This is where I learned how to use a serger and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then after high school I only sewed on and off until I had my daughter in 2014. At that time I was really into baby wearing so I started a business selling diaper clutches that attached to the waistband of your soft structured carriers. I didn’t venture into knit fabrics until late 2016 when I wanted to make some sleep gowns for my cousin who was having twins. After that, I went down the rabbit hole of sewing clothing and have never looked back.


2021 was a very busy year for me so my goal for 2022 is to sew more once I finish school in May. I have so many inspiration ideas that I just haven’t had the time to bring to life. I also want to add more items to my website ( because I love making unique pieces for other people to enjoy too.


I fell in love with A&E as soon as I saw the original Emi Stripe fabric back when they were Aurora Designs. In my mind, it was absolutely PERFECT. Then I realized that Brandi sold panels too. My first one I purchased was “I’m Feelin’ Willie Friggin’ Patriotic” and since then I’ve purchased and sewn so many more! I especially love that there are so many fabric bases to choose from now. Next on my list is to have some printed on the rib knit. I joined the strike team when Ash & Elm released the Better Together collection and to this day it’s an outfit I’m most proud of. I can’t wait to see what new prints and panels Brandi will be bringing us next, but hopefully the team and I can give you some inspiration for them.


Happy Sewing!

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