Meet Our 2022 Ash and Elm Team- Diane Rogers

Meet Our 2022 Ash and Elm Team- Diane Rogers

Hello, Everyone. My name is Diane Rogers. I’m one of the strike sewists for the 2022 Ash & Elm team. I’m so excited to share my Ash & Elm makes with you!

A little bit about me: My Mom is South Korean and my Dad is Caucasian. They fell in love and married when my Dad was in the Army and stationed in South Korea. I grew up all over the place being an Army brat and have had the opportunity to get to experience many different cultures. I’ve lived in Arkansas the majority of my life now and it’s where I call home.

I’m a stay at home mom to three lovely children Brennan, Ava, and Reed and my wonderful husband Blake. I use to work as a pharmaceutical sales representative until after Ava was born.  We live in the small town of Mountainburg, Arkansas where we get to have chickens, cows, goats, dogs, and a cat. My daughter really wants a horse next!

     I learned to sew some in home ec at school. After Ava was born I wanted to buy her all the super cute dresses, but couldn’t justify paying what it cost for her to wear them for such a short term. That’s when I got my sewing machine out and started making clothes for her. I learned so many sewing techniques following the tutorials that came with PDF patterns. A little after that I started making clothes for me. We are both very petite and have a hard time finding ready to wear clothes that fit properly. Now I sew for my whole family except my husband. I love looking and feeling the fabric and making beautiful outfits. I also love taking pictures of my little ones. One thing I love about sewing is getting to use my creativity, and learning different ways to make things. This year I’d like to improve on making swimsuits and leotards. My favorite thing about Ash & Elm is they offer unique prints and can make them on multiple bases. Depending on the pattern sometimes I need a certain type of knit or woven and now I’m not stuck only using that print for a very specific pattern.

     We’ll, that’s enough about me. I can’t wait to show you my makes for 2022 and hope they inspire you.

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