Matching with my monkeys

Matching with my monkeys

Everyone loves a mothers day blog tour and this one is no exception, with so many great mommy and me makes  being featured this one is sure to be amazing. 

I was originally planning on doing matching shirts for myself and my son and daughter, but with spring in full swing here ( Finally!!!!) I have been really wanting a new dress. Elizabeth suggested I do mommy and me Agnes dresses by halla patterns. I had no idea they even had I kids version so I scooped it up as soon as I found out.  The woman's Agnes if free when you join their facebook group here.

I really like the flow of the woman's dress and even made several for an event I did last week so I had no hesitation about buying the kids version. Which is a big deal considering I try really hard not to buy new patterns since I have so very many already. 

Choosing fabric however was quite the challenge for this project.  I wanted some thing with nice drape and a lighter weight and I wanted something very springy. normally not a problem with the size of my stash. this time it was a problem tho, I am incredibly low on almost all my staples and didn't have a 2 yard cut of hardly anything. I finally decided to color block this pattern so I could use some of our cream belle and a pink solid I picked up in a goob sale.  I wanted to use either our pink or coral dbp but I was just short of having enough to make it work.

It has been stormy here in the Midwest this week so photos was another challenge to face. By storms I mean Thursday morning I had to text all my neighbors to see if anyone saw our trampoline in their pasture because it had made like moody teenager and ran away in the middle of the night, regardless of the fact it had tractor implements on the legs to weight it down. But determined as I can be some times, We made a couple mad dashes outside between wet spells and increasingly high winds to bring you.... Photos of our mommy and me dresses ( and likely a chicken or two thrown in. )   

 And just in case you wanted a glimpse into my life. I feel like this photo really sums it up. 

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  • Tenille

    I love the colour blocking on the Agnes dresses! And the colours are so beautiful.

  • auschick

    Your dresses are adorable! I love how you’ve done reverse color blocking between each of the dresses. I tend to make mine a little too matchy-matchy haha.

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