Last Minute Halloween Sewing's Got Me Burnt Out 🥱

Last Minute Halloween Sewing's Got Me Burnt Out 🥱

Ohh geez am I EXHAUSTED.... Not only has this virus been kicking our butts this week, but all the last minute Halloween preparation hasn't helped matters. Not only did we have to carve pumpkins this week, but I had requests for Halloween Jammies and I needed to make a festive shirt for myself to wear when handing out candy. My hubby might of had a little TOO much FUN with the designs this year 🙄🤣🤣🤣

Now that we've all been hit by this bug though I think we are just going to use the candy we purchased to make treat bags for the boys and have a Candy Hunt. We did this last year because of everything going on, and the boys LOVED it!! We get regular sized candy bars and tape glow sticks to them and then hide them around the yard. Each kiddo get's their own color and they have a blast running around trying to find all their goodies. After they've snagged it all we head inside where they find not all of their treats are what they appear. Last year I got some of those suckers with bugs inside of them and those nasty flavored jelly beans. There was a request for no tricks this year though so I guess I will have to tone it down a bit  🤣🤣🤣

After everything though I have to admit I am one TIRED mom.... I've been LIVING off of caffeine the past week and I am ready to CRASH!!!! I have NEVER felt more connected to panels before, but when I saw the 100% Tired as a Mother and Dead Inside but Caffeinated ones on the site I knew I had to get them. They describe my life PERFECTLY right now!!!!



Anyone else joining the Dead Inside but Caffeinated club after this past week??? I am so ready to be done with Halloween and onto Thanksgiving sewing!!! Don't get me wrong I LOVE getting to make spoky and cute creations, but there's something special about Fall sewing. It just FEELS cozy and warm and comfortable, and I mean how can you not like a holiday that encourages you to stuff your face with DELICIOUS goodness 😍


What's on your fall make list? I've got a million pairs of Jammies to whip up for my family. It's a Christmas tradition that I ALWAYS put off until the last possible moment, but this year I am DETERMINED to get them done BEFORE Decemeber!!! If you've also got some Family Jammies planned stay tuned to the blog because I've got an EXCITING announcement to make on Monday!!!!

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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