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Jordis Wrap Up Blog

Jordis Wrap Up Blog
Before I begin, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank Katrin Kindler of FinnLeys’ for working with us to bring the Jordis to you. In working with her, we were able to create the Official English Translation of the Jordis which, along with the SAL instructions/tutorials, will remain posted in The Sewing Menagerie by Aurora Designs for future reference….
Wow! That’s probably the best word possible to sum up the Jordis sew along. From the pattern itself to the end results, this SAL was a great way to kick off 2018 in The Sewing Menagerie by Aurora Designs. We definitely had our challenges from translating, to modifying the printing, to mastering the various techniques within the pattern itself.
With all of these challenges, it’s great that The Sewing Menagerie is quickly becoming a place filled with talent and support. Both of which shined during this sew along. When you look at the Jordis pattern as a whole, it can seem overwhelming. But when you take it step by step, along with a supportive group of sewing buddies, you will find yourself tackling each of those seemingly difficult tasks in turn on your way to the finished piece.
As with any new pattern, there is a definite learning curve and lots of questions to be figured out. This is when the SAL started to really shine. Lots of questions were asked, and lots of answers were given; videos were posted, and photos popped up to illustrate that one confusing part someone was stuck on. There was lots of encouragement and lot of great sewing happening!
And in the end, WOW was it all worth it! The final photos the group members posted of their results were amazing! There is some serious talent in this group! Check out a few of them here:

The greatest part of the whole thing though, for me, was hearing how some of the ladies didn’t think they’d be able to make this on their own, or were scared to try! Inspiring and helping others accomplish things they don’t yet know they can do is so great, and what I strive for in hosting these sew alongs. I love seeing people conquer techniques they were nervous about or were trying for the first time. It’s what motivates me to bring you the best sew alongs possible.


That being said, it’s already time to prepare for our next SAL! Starting February 7, we are joining Patterns 4 Pirates to bring you the Wiggle! Prizes will include a $20 credit to P4P and we can probably talk Brandi into adding a little something in there as well . So, head on over to the shop, grab some new goodies and get ready to Wiggle with us!
Special thanks to Sandra, Andrée-Anne, Alex, Brenna, Royce, Dominique, Kirsten, Claire, Sarah, and Kendall for sharing their photos with us!
- Wendy

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    That turned out very cute! Well done.

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