January Rewind

January Rewind

Wow, this month had been full of new and exciting adventures for us here at Aurora Design Fabrics. We have grown so much over the last year and want to say a huge thank you to everyone for being part of our growth. 
As our audience expands we change things to hopefully better  serve our customers.

Here is a recap of the things we have implemented this month to do just that!

- Flat rate shipping :  Small items will still be available to go first class, however anything over first class is now flat rate!  say goodbye to high shipping cost on those big boxes we all love. you are no longer limited to just a few yards to stay under $10 shipping!  Order as much as you like! 

- On demand prints :  You may have noticed a new category pop up in the shop while browsing this month.  We are working hard to not only bring back all our past prints for on demand printing but also working to add more printed we hope you will love.  On demand printing allows anyone to easily order any of our prints at any time. This service will have typical customs turn around times of 6-10 weeks. On demand prints will be added to our normal custom round orders.

-Active Blog : I'm sure you have noticed a revamp in this blog.  As of the new year we have started a regular schedule to bring you more content, news, challenges and more through our blog... this blog. Is there something you would like to see us cover in the future? Just leave us a comment! 

- We hired our first non-family member employee! :  This is a huge step for us and we are so excited to have Sharyn as part of the team. She has been amazing helping in the studio and we just love her already. 

Whew that was a lot for just a couple weeks! We are so excited for the great things happening this year and so very thankful for your support in making our dreams come true faster than anticipated. 
Now that we have covered those big changes how about a quick glance at what was new in the shop this month. 

New this month...




Brining Back...















And last but not least next month... 
Our most anticipated round yet is finally here...Watercolor Fandoms!
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