I've Got the Dress, Now I Need a Party!!

I've Got the Dress, Now I Need a Party!!

Anyone need a +1 for a Holiday Party this year? I've made this GORGEOUS dress and it is SCREAMING for a night out on the town 😍😍😍

So you might be asking why did I sew up a dress if I didn't have anywhere to wear it to.... Well 1. I've wanted to sew up the Gala Dress from Patterns For Pirates* since it came out, but haven't yet because I don't know where I would wear it to. 2. I got my hands on some of this AMAZING Stretch Corduroy* and it was SCREAMING to be made into the most FABULOUS Holiday dress ever!!! I figured finding a place to wear it would come after it was done.... You know "If you build it they will come" and all that 🤣🤣

The only regrets I have with this dress is that I didn't make it sooner. I'm not gonna lie the Princess Seams definitely intimidated me, and the dress just LOOKS complicated, so it was on my someday maybe I'll feel confident enough to try it list, but that list is kinda HUGE so I figured I'd never actually tackle it 😬 With the Holidays coming up though and people starting to host shindigs again I figured it was probably time for me to get over my fears and jump in feet first with this FABULOUS dress. I was SHOCKED at how easy it actually all went together!!! It looks crazy because of all the different pieces, but once you get over the initial ohh no what did I get myself into you realize it's not hard AT ALL!! The whole pattern only has TEN steps!!!! 



I’m LOVING this Stretch Corduroy 😍😍 @ashandelmlimitedtextiles @patternsforpirates ##sewing ##sewingtiktok ##sew ##christmas ##holiday ##fashion ##imadethis

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So wanna be fahncy with me and sew up your own Gala Gown?? I of course recorded the whole process and wanted to share with anyone else who wants to feel FABULOUS in a Me Made Dress this Holiday season 😍

Prepping Pattern and Fabric



Sewing up the Bodice



Sewing up the Skirt



Attaching the Bodice and Skirt


I can not WAIT to see you're AMAZING dresses this week!!! Please don't forget to share your makes in our Sew-Along group and if you used Ash and Elm fabrics be sure to share it in our main Facebook Group as well 💕
xoxo- Melissa 😘

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