It's Family Jammies Time!!

It's Family Jammies Time!!

After the sugar rush from staying up late eating all my kids Reese's from Trick or Treating wears off and my candy hangover sets in I start to realize that this is no time to rest.... There are only 54 days until Christmas and I have been so consumed with Halloween prep that I haven't even started on my list of Christmas projects 😬

I am a Grade A procrastonator which means Christmas Eve I get ZERO sleep and Christmas day I am a CRANKY ZOMBIE that only wants to nap and pig out on Green Bean Casserole all day 😬🤣 This year I have VOWED to do things differently.... Instead of waiting until December 10th to start on the BAZILLION things I want to try and do this year I am going to start NOW, NOVEMBER 1st!!!! Now that it's in writting and on the internet I have to stick to it right 🤞🤞🤞

Well I was SUPER EXCITED to hear about an AWESOME event going on the next few weeks that is DEFINITELY motivating me to get my backside in gear. If you haven't heard about the Fam Jam yet you NEED to check it out! From November 2nd through the 17th if you sew up some pajamas and use the #FAMJAMS you will be eligible to win some AWESOME prizes including a $100 shop credit to score some SWEET Ash and Elm Fabric!!! There are a ton of chances to be entered, so make sure you register at to get a full description of how to enter and what the prizes this year are! 

I mean come on not only do I get a HEADSTART on my mile long Holiday Projects list, but I can WIN FABULOUS prizes while I'm at it?!?!?! YES PLEASE!!!! So to start me on the right track I decided to sew up a pair of Miles from Petite Stitchery & Co.* for my little guy that is going through a HUGE growth spurt right now 😬 We will be sewing them up all week long over in the Sew Along Facebook Group in case you'd like to join us in all the FUN, but I wanted to share the videos here as well for those that don't want to take a full week to create them, or if you are seeing this after the sew along finished and you don't want to search through posts to try and find the videos! If you haven't checked out the Miles yet you are not going to want to miss this AWESOME pattern. Not only is it LOADED with a ton of different options (pixie hood, animal ears, elf accessories, and even Yoda ears just to name a few!!) but it also comes in BABY* (NB- 24m), KIDS* (2t-20), and ADULT* ( sizes xs-4x) so you can make a pair for the ENTIRE family!!!

Prepping our Pattern


Cutting our Fabric


Prepping Hoods, Pockets, and Bands


Sewing the Zipper


Sewing the Bodice and Pants


Attaching the Bodice and Pants, Hood, and Cuffs


I can't wait to see all the jammies you sew up the next couple of weeks! 😍

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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