🎶Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodies Everywhere 🎶

🎶Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodies Everywhere 🎶

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I'm not usually a big fan of hoodies.... Usually store bought hoodies are too baggy and the sleeves are way to short, BUT I had one hoodie in my 20's that was slim fitting and the sleeves were PERFECT! I wore it EVERYWHERE all the time until eventually it fell apart 😭 I have been on the hunt for a replacement for years.... I would see something that looked promising only to find out it was a little too baggy, or the sleeves weren't quite long enough (I like them to go past my wrists). When I got into sewing my hunt became even more intense because now I wasn't restrained by what was in the store. It's taken me YEARS.... but I am EXCITED to share with y'all that I've FINALLY found my unicorn hoodie pattern in the Tami from Pattern Niche. 😍😍😍😍

Not only is this hoodie long enough for me to feel comfortable wearing it with leggings, but it has pockets, the sleeves go past my wrist, and instead of just one hood this one has TWO 😲😍😲😍 There are so many different possibilites with this pattern, it comes with 2 different legnths, 3 different styles of hoods, two types of pockets, and even a thumbhole cuff 🤯 You could make a dozen different styles from just this ONE pattern!!!! Not only that, but it comes in both ADULT (xx-small to 30) and KIDS (12-18m to 16) and even has a Projector file!! 

I LOVED using French Terry while sewing up my Tami's! I paired the Navy Emi Floral with Ice Blue French Terry to create the hoodie all my dreams were made of. I used the double hood, long lenth version with inseam pockets and I even tried my hands at adding groments to something for the first time ever!!! It is TRUE LOVE 😍😍😍

After making that I was hooked and started planning a dozen more!! I had this ADORABLE Hey There Pumpkin Panel that paired PERFECTLY with some Terra Cotta Ombre Leopard that was giving me all the fall vibes 😍 I was SUPER EXCITED to sew this up and wasn't paying attention while cutting my panel.... The whole time I was sewing it up I was really nervous about the placement but was hopeful that it would still be okay. I decided to go with just the cross over hood, long length, inseam pockets for this one, and after finishing it up I put it on and fell in LOVE! I was beginning to thinking I stressed over placement for no reason.... I walked into the house to see what my husband thought and before I could even say anything he says "Umm babe.... Is there something you need to tell me??" 😱😫🤣🤣🤣 Even if it might make people think we are expecting another little bundle I don't care it is way too cute not to wear!!! 

Going through my fabric stash my eyes kept falling on this BEAUTIFUL Navy French Terry and Mustard French Terry combo.... I LOVED the look, but thought it might be a little too plain on their own. Then I remembered I had a transfer I had purchased a few months back that would pair PERFECTLY and make the most AMAZING gift for my Harry Potter loving little sister. I can not WAIT to see what she thinks when I send it to her 😍💕😍💕

Now that I've found my PERFECT hoodie I am going to be sewing up a storm making one for every day of the week, because I am going to basically live in them from here on out 😍🤣 I'm not the only one that feels this way either.... Check out some of the AMAZING makes my Ash and Elm friends have made:



That lace detail added into the should seam.... the neckband hack.... the thumbhole cuffs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I can not LOVE these enough!! There are so many different ways to change this pattern up and I can not wait to explore more of them!! 

Don't forget that you can save 20% off the Tami and all other nonbundled patterns from Pattern Niche as well as save 15% off fabric from Ash and Elm all month long using code Niche72836andElm356. We will also be sewing up the Tami together all week long over in our Facebook Group so if you are looking for a little extra motivation to sew up this AMAZING pattern come join us! Not only will you be making a FABULOUS hoodie, but you will be able to use it as an entry into our #MyAshandElm contest this month. Just share any make using a Pattern Niche pattern (with or without Ash and Elm fabrics) or something you've made with Ash and Elm (doesn't need to be Pattern Niche) and the hashtag #MyAshandElm and you will be entered for a chance to WIN a $25 shop credit to Ash and Elm and 3 patterns of your choice from Pattern Niche!!! 😲😍😲😍 I can't wait to see what Tami creations you come up with 💕💕

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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