Have you met my friend Jenna?

Have you met my friend Jenna?

When I first joined the Ash and Elm Facebook group I kept seeing the same name pop up over and over and over again.... She would post these FUN pictures, ask questions to get to know everyone better, and share her AMAZING creations. So naturally I developed a sewing crush on her 😍😍😍 She was always so encouraging and kind and willing to offer help. Definitely someone you just gravitate towards because of how they uplift everyone in their path. 💕

Then I got the privilege to join the Ash and Elm team and not only did I get the opportunity to meet Jenna, but I got the chance to get to know her better and the more we talked the more I learned that we are basically the same person (she's WAY nicer though of course 🤣). We have kids about the same age, we both have chickens, we both cloth diapered, we LOVE the Office, I mean the list goes on and on....

How Jenna found the time to hang out with me between juggling kiddos, life, owning and running an AMAZING shop that offers FABULOUS nursing friendly options, is beyond me! To see some of Jenna's AWESOME makes check out her shop The Cloth Side (www.theclothside.com).


You KNOW that when I started doing these #SewChatty LIVE videos I HAD to have my sewing BFF join me, and when she said YES the happy dance that ensued was intense 😬🤣🤣🤣


In case you missed the chat you can check it out here:



xoxo- Melissa 😘


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