Halloween DIY: Gone Batty Top

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Halloween DIY: Gone Batty Top

Sew a Bat Top: Gone Batty by P4P

Need a quick and easy top for Halloween? A bat top may be the answer for you! Before we start, you can find the FREE Gone Batty top by Patterns for Pirates HERE, and the tutorial to sew it HERE

Gone Batty Top Saves Halloween

I originally picked this top because I loved how it looked, and my kids are obsessed with Batman, but after totally spacing buying or making myself my own costume, this quick and simple pattern literally swooped in and saved the day! This is the perfect, last minute costume solution for the Halloween party that my husband and I are taking the kids to this weekend. Win!

Let's Get Sew Batty

Gone Batty Materials

Materials Needed:

* 1 5/8 - 2 yd of knit fabric (minimum of 2-way stretch recommended, but I personally suggest a 4-way stretch knit) 

That's all! You could dress it up with a trim or maybe a fun colorblocking if you felt like getting crazy. I wanted to do a fun lace trim, but I was ever-so-slightly short. The black fabric I used was a clearance 2-way stretch rib knit ($2 for the whole bolt!!), but next time, I'll shoot for 4-way stretch just for the extra wiggle room. 

Cut Your Fabric:

Gone Batty Cutting Fabric

This top requires you to cut on a double fold. See the tutorial linked above for a visual of how to fold your fabric so you get the best possible cut from your fabric. I, unfortunately, folded it to where the stretch was vertical instead of horizontal, so my 2-way stretch knit is uncomfortably tight. So make sure you pay extra attention to the direction of your stretch when cutting your fabric so you don't end up like me having to wear spanx just to slip this adorable top on! 

The tutorial recommends cutting the fabric round and then taking the cutout piece and placing it on your already cut fabric to make the arches for the bat wings; however, the pattern piece already has the cutouts, so I just followed it around with my rotary cutter and was able to skip that step! Same for the neckhole, just cut it right out! Now we are ready to get sewing.

Get Sewing:

Gone Batty - Side Seam Marking   Gone Batty - Side Seam Pinning

To know where to place your side seams, follow the tutorial to find the exact place on either side to place your side stitches. This part is very important, especially if your stretch is going the wrong way - ha!, so that the top is fitted to you and not loose like a poncho. You can see in the left photo, the center fold at the top and the side marking with the pin, done on both sides. The right photo shows my pinning of both sides, and it's ready for sewing! However, if you wanted a looser poncho style, leave off the side stitches for a loose, flowy bat poncho! 

Gone Batty - Wing Topstitching

Next, topstitch/edgestitch from the side seams up until just below the top cutout. Don't sew all the way up or else your arms won't be able to get out of your fun bat top! You could serge these edges or add a fun trim for extra flair (totally doing that on my next one). 

Gone Batty - Neckband

Lastly, attach your neckband like you would any other neckband! Wha-lah! Presto Finito! 

You're Done! 

Gone Batty - Finished Photo

It's THAT simple! Now you can whip up a quick top and swoop into that last minute Halloween party (like me) and look like you totally planned on being a bat all along! To make this outfit complete, I suggest you make it all P4P with a pair of Peg Legs and the Slouchy Headwarmer (see mine used as a comfy neckwarmer in the white batman fabric), which are both also FREE! And if it's going to be freezing like it is here, you could also sew up some Free Fleece Mittens to keep those digits warm and a Blanket Scarf too! Be the warmest, most fashionable bat this holiday! 

Gone Batty - Modeled2

Gone Batty - Modeled1

Thanks for Reading! Good Luck DIY'ing your Halloween!

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