Give me a Harbor Hoodie, but make it fancy 🧐

Give me a Harbor Hoodie, but make it fancy 🧐

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When looking at the Harbor Hoodie I fell in LOVE with one of the listing pictures. The tester had added lace to the bottom and sleeves and it was GOREGOUS!!! I KNEW I HAD to make one of my own 😍 There was just one problem.... I've never added lace to anything before 😬

I had some BEAUTIFUL lace trim that has been sitting in a basket in my sewing room for years just waiting for the perfect fabric, the perfect pattern, the perfect time when I felt confident enough to attempt to use it. So in other words it was never going to get used 🤣 When I saw the pics of the Harbor Hoodie with lace on it though that all changed 😁

I decided I was going to put lace on a Harbor Hoodie if it was the last thing I ever did 😂 If you are like me and the thought of adding lace to something made you nervous then have I got a treat for you.... I'm gonna share some of the tips and tricks I learned while adding this FABULOUS detail onto my Harbor Hoodie, and SPOILER ALERT it's not as hard as you might think 🤯

So first things first.... We need to cut out our fabric. When I got this BEAUTIFUL Crimson Ombre Leopard in French Terry I KNEW it would be PERFECT to make my vision come true! I decided to line it with some AMAZING Double Brushed Poly so that it would be super comfy without being too hot.

Now that the fabric is cut out we need to sew it together. 

Now here's where my Lace journey began.... the Lace trim I had was only about an inch wide, so I decided that I was going to hem the sweater and then add the lace. This worked out pretty well, but if I was using a wider trim, I would probably attach the lace to the garment and then fold it up when I hem that way it wraps around the bottom and looks a little cleaner.

So now it's time to add the lace 😬 

 Align the begining of you lace with the open front seam. If you are adding this in the round (like I did with the sleeves) pick a not super visible spot (for the sleeve I chose the underside next to the seam). Now you are going to pin or clip the lace around. Make sure you don't stretch the garment as you are adding the lace and pin or clip every few inches. Bring the lace all the way around until you reach the open front seam on the other side (or when you meet back up to where you started if working in the round).

Next you are going to sew as close to the bottom of the lace as you can. If you haven't hemmed the garment yet you don't need to be too picky about how close you get, but if you are adding the lace after heming you'll want to be as close as possible. I recommend going slowly while sewing. It was VERY hard thing for me to do, but you are going to want to make sure you are getting as close to the bottom as possible without slipping off the garment. I waited to clip the lace until after I had attached it to the garment that way I didn't have to worry about not having enough if I made a mistake 🤞 If sewing in the round I waited to cut until I sewed up to where the two ends met. I then overlapped the lace just a bit trimmed it and then sewed a half inch past the overlap making sure to backstich.

After attaching the lace hem the garment if you haven't already. The next step is one you will finish by preference. I'm someone that likes to get things done quickly, so I decided to just sew across the top in a straight line making sure I got the tops of the lace as I went. If you wanted to be more particular about the look you could follow the design of the lace so you don't see a line. Mine lined up pretty nicely with the topstitching so I wasn't too worried about it.

Now that the lace is attached you are ready to finish off your garment. I just had to add the binding and voila I've got a FANCY Harbor Hoodie 😍😍😍 I absolutely LOVE the way the black lace doesn't take away from how AMAZING the fabric is. 


If you want to take a peek at the process I went through to create this FABULOUS Harbor check out the video I made 😍😍😍



Adding lace to the Harbor Hoodie from Pattern Niche! Look at how GOREGOUS this ombré cheetah from @ashandelmlimitedtextiles ##patternniche ##sewing

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 Have you added lace to a garment before? Share your tips and the things that you've found worked best for you in the comments!

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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