Gifting the Summit

Gifting the Summit


One of my favorite things to do is give a gift, making the gift is even more rewarding! Our family friend's little girl, had a Birthday earlier this month and wanted clothing. She had seen a hoodie I made for my son the last time we got together and mentioned wanting one.Probably the scariest thing about sewing for someone is the worry it won’t fit. Second is they won’t like it.  The beauty about using a hoodie is that it can be a little big and still look good. I knew just the hoodie to make too!

When New Horizons released the Summit Peak Hoodie for kids it had instant love and for good reason.  I myself got excited and sewed up a few for Christmas gifts with the pattern. What is even more exciting is that they recently released the womens version! But back to the kids.This pattern has options for it to be a pullover or zip up. It features a hidden kangaroo pocket for the pullover (my boys really like this feature). I love the high neckline, it is perfect for blocking the wind we have around here. The pattern also has side panels that give very flattering princess seams to the design. Construction of this pattern is fairly easy. The instructions flow nicely and having access to their Facebook group also gives you support.

For this pattern I chose to use some of the shops rayon French terry in our Emi floral. I really love how stretchy rayon French terry is. It really gives you some room for growth and that is nice for making kids clothing. It also gives leeway for fit, witch is great when giving a gift. I also used our purple glitter on double brushed poly, this really was the perfect comb. The double brushed poly bands will keep the rayon from growing down to her knees. The prints together were perfect and really screamed Mayson! I already knew she liked the floral, she had told me it was pretty when she saw me sporting it in an earlier make and well who doesn't love a little sparkle!

Maysen  really loves cats, and I wanted to make this gift a little more personal so I went on the hunt for the perfect cut file. I was not having much luck finding one that I liked until I ran into this cute nerdy cat graphic. I knew Maysen would think this kitty was cute but really wanted to make it unique, so I added the pretty purr-fect around it in design space. Once I had the graphic put together I cut it out using some Glitter iron on vinyl. Glitter vinyl can be a bit different to work with, it is thicker and harder to see the cut lines for weeding. Thankfully this graphic wasn’t full of little cuts. Isn't it cute!

The last thing to do was wrap the gift up. I kept it pretty simple with a gift bag and ribbon and a message made out of scrap vinyl.

Oh yes!  I cant forget I may be a couple days early but Happy Birthday Ti, you are beautiful and host/run some amazing tours. Thank you for all you do!  

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