Fam Jam Ellie and Mac Grow With Me PJ's Sew Along

Fam Jam Ellie and Mac Grow With Me PJ's Sew Along

Y'all I think I've found my new FAVORITE pajama pattern, and the BEST part is it's FREE!!!! 😲
Jenna shared her Ellie and Mac Grow With Me Pj* set on Monday and I was so inspired I had to make a couple pair for myself!! I LOVE how even though it's grow with me it's still tailored to size so the garment isn't HUGE if your kiddo is on the lower end of the size chart, and isn't actually grow with me if they are at the top end. Because it's tailored towards your kiddos measurments it will truly be a grow with me pattern, and with 4 boys that constantly keep growing even though I bed them to stop it is a MUST have!!! 😍😍

I HATE cutting into my treasured fabric for my guys because I know they will only be able to wear it for a few months before they outgrow it again, so when I discovered grow with me patterns (a pattern that usually uses cuffs to help extend the length of the arms and legs so the garment can "grow" with the kiddo) I knew I needed to give them a try. I really like them because they do indeed extend the time the kiddo can wear the garment, but I find that a lot of times my guys are towards the bottom end of the size range so when they first wear it it is quite roomy. While that's great for sweaters and hoodies, for something like jammies I prefer them to be a bit more fitted. That's what I LOVE about the Grow With Me jammies.... they still have the fitted feel, but there is plenty of room in the body of the shirt to grow as well as the added length from the cuffs!


I loved this pattern so much that after I made my first pair using the AMAZING Baby Yoda* in DBP I made a second pair using some GORGEOUS Heathered Carcoal Gray* and Ice Blue French Terry* for my oldest. Now my other two are walking around mopey asking if I'm only going to make jammies for their brothers and not them 🙄🤣

I decided since I'm going to have to be sewing up a million pairs of these from now on (I actually have 16 sets currently cut out 😬) that doing a sew-along for anyone else that might be interested in whipping up a few pairs with me would be FUN! If you haven't joined our sew-along group yet, make sure you check i out HEREEach week we sew up a different pattern together! It's a great way to try out different patterns and have someone sew them up with you so you can see every step and get some tips on any tricky parts that arise 💕 In case you missed this weeks sew-along I wanted to be sure to put the videos in here to make it easier to find them all in order! 

Printing and Prepping Your Pattern


Cutting out your Fabric


Sewing up the Top


Sewing up the Bottoms *with this video I accidentally sewed the first cuff incorrectly so make sure you don't follow along with that part or you will be spending the time seam ripping with me too 😫*


I can't wait to see the jammies you sew up! If you used Ash and Elm Fabrics make sure to share them in our Facebook Group so we can all be inspired by your creation! If you didn't use Ash and Elm I still want to see them 👀.... Share your make in the Sew-Along Group so we can all admire your make there as well 😍 Next week Brandi will be taking over the sew-along group and sewing up some Little Lizard King Jammies with us and you do NOT want to miss out on that! 💕

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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