Fam Jam Day 8: Tamar Pfeiffer Sunflower Seams & Peek-a-Boo Toasty Toes

Fam Jam Day 8: Tamar Pfeiffer Sunflower Seams & Peek-a-Boo Toasty Toes

Hi sewing friends!  This is Tamar again from @sew_much_luv.  I’m back with more inspiration for your family jammies!  Do you have all of your jammies cut out?  Are you starting to sew them up?  This year I decided to use these adorable Sister Bear and Baby Bear panels in double brushed poly.  I just love them so much.  I also got the blank back panels with all of them.  I absolutely love that Ash and Elm sells blank back panels.  Most companies don’t do that, and you have to use a different coordinating fabric for the back of the tops.  I much prefer having a blank back panel.  I think it just looks so much more professional.  For the coordinate, I used a few yards of this double brushed poly Buffalo Plaid.  The double brushed poly makes for some lovely pajamas.  It’s just so soft and stretchy.  For the baby’s pajamas I used french terry, because I wanted his pajamas to be a bit more cozy.

  1. Let’s talk patterns.  One of my all time favorite pajama patterns is Sofiona Starry Night PJ’s.  I decided that I did not want to make sleeveless pajamas for winter.  But I used the Starry Night pajama pants for all of the girl’s pajamas.  When you are looking for pajama patterns, do not think you have to stick to patterns that are specifically pajama patterns.  I had a vision for the girl’s tops, and I ended up finding shirt patterns that fit my vision.

The pajama top for my oldest is made from the Sunflower Seams Dogwood Pattern.  One thing I love about double brushed poly is that it has diagonal stretch.  This enabled me to cut the top color blocked portion on the bias, giving the appearance of diamonds instead of squares.  

The next set of pajamas uses the same Dogwood pattern.  Before I added the color blocking on this one, I sewed a ruffle to the top of the panel.  You can read about how I used my gathering foot on my serger for this in yesterday’s blog post.

For this set of pajamas, I used the Sunflower Seams Lily Pattern.  It has such a lovely little girl vibe, don’t you think?  I omitted the placket on the front and added a ruffle on the bottom.  This was the first time I tried shirring on the sleeves and I’m pretty sure that I’m hooked.  It turned out so cute!

For the last set of girl’s pajamas, I used Lily again.  This time, I did short sleeves with the shirring.  Once again I omitted the placket and added a ruffle on the bottom.  With this set of pajamas, I also added a ruffle to the bottom of the pants.  Because, let’s face it, little girls can never have too many ruffles.

For the baby’s pajamas, I knew I wanted the option to have footies.  I also knew that footie pajamas with a zipper down the front wouldn’t work with my cute baby bear panel.  That’s where Peekaboo Patterns Toasty Toes Pajamas come in!  They were absolutely perfect.  I rolled the footies into cuffs for the picture, but they easily convert to footies.  This is such a brilliant pattern!  

And there you have it.  Five pairs of pajamas and four different patterns, because of course I can’t make things easy on myself and just make five pairs from the same pattern. . . 

I hope I was able to give you a little bit of inspiration for your family’s Christmas Pajamas!

BTW-thanks for using my affiliate links!  They won’t cost you anything extra, but they help me keep sewing for my family!

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  • Julie Reim

    Absolutely amazing!
    I love how you used the same fabric combo, but different patterns for the age and tastes of each child!
    Beautiful job and lovely descriptions along with great photographs!

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