Fam Jam Day 5 - Jenna Hobbs E&M Free GWM PJ's

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Fam Jam Day 5 - Jenna Hobbs E&M Free GWM PJ's

Fam Jam Day 5 - Ellie & Mac PJ's by Jenna Hobbs

Hey everyone! Jenna here! I'm so excited to tell you about the Ellie & Mac Grow-with-Me PJ's. With the holidays right around the corner, it's the perfect time to get a jump start on sewing pajamas for the family. I think you'll definitely want to add this pattern to your sewing collection. Let me tell you why!


First of all, the biggest draw of this pattern is the fact that it's completely free! Get it HERE! Not only is it free, but it's Grow-with-Me style! If you've never heard of Grow-with-Me (GWM) patterns, you will be obsessed to have these in your pattern collection. These pajamas are a two-piece colorblocked set, ranging from size 6MO to Child Size 14. I made a size 4T for my kiddo. 


So what makes this pattern considered "grow-with-me"? Well, this pattern comes with adjustable arm and leg cuffs, which alots them a longer wear period. Your kiddo will be able to wear these pajamas for two or more sizes beyond the size you made. So pick a nice, stretchy fabric that can take a lot of use and abuse. 


What fabric did I use? Well, I chose to print these AMAZING holiday prints on double brushed poly. After seeing some of the strike seamstresses' makes, I am dying to try out the Rib Knit! I would also highly recommend the Luxe DBP for these pajamas, because it's extremely stretchy, luxuriously soft, and an incredible quality thickness. If you've got cotton lycra in your stash, that would work great also. 



You've never colorblocked before? That's okay, because this pattern is very beginner friendly. Only the top portion is colorblocked, and it's very simple. Once you've sewn the top piece to the bottom piece (front and back), you can simply be done. I would recommend topstitching/coverstitching the seam where the top/bottom meet, to keep it nice and clean. After washing, the seam could get wonky without the extra stitching, but it's totally fine without. 


Elastic waistband? You can choose to add the elastic waistband in a casing if you want bottoms that stay up well. If you're not comfortable or experienced with sewing an elastic waistband, you can simply cut a yoga style waistband like I did. All you've got to do is cut a strip of fabric roughly 3-4" wide by 80-85% of the width of the waist.



Something that I love about this pattern is that you can use small cuts of fabric, so it's great for scrapbusting. You can come up with some really fun combinations from your scrap bin. FREE pattern? Scrapbuster? Grow-with-me? Does it even get any better than that?! It DOES! There's a Sew-a-Long in A+E's SAL group! Check it out HERE! If you decide to make these pajamas in A+E fabric, post them in the main Facebook group, because I want to see! 


Need more A+E fabric to sew with? Check out this week's Thankful Sale! 25% off all In-House Printing! It ends 11/14 at midnight PDT. Don't miss out! A new sale will start next Monday. As always, happy sewing! 

- Jenna Hobbs

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