Fam Jam Day 4- Christina Camacho

Fam Jam Day 4- Christina Camacho

Hello! My name is Christina (you can see some of my creations at https://instagram.com/sewcamacho). I absolutely love making matching Christmas pajamas for the family every year (sometimes, I can even get my husband to participate)! So, when I heard that Ash and Elm Limited was participating in a pajama sew along, I knew I had to sign up. Truthfully, it’s the perfect excuse to get some sewing completed early! My kids have been wearing their new Christmas pajamas since I made them. 🥰

I decided to sew Peek- a-Boo Patterns Jordan Joggers for the kids and the Java Joggers for myself. I have been working from home for almost two years; being able to wear comfies most of the day is amazing! Because of this, I have to make sure all my pajama bottoms have pockets. (The kids prefer pockets as well.) These matching jogger patterns are pretty straight forward and make for a fairly quick sew.

I chose the Buffalo plaid with snowflakes because this design takes the quintessential winter fabric and adds such a cute design element. When I originally purchased the fabric, I had a dress in mind, but my kids convinced me that pajamas are way more fun. (I can’t argue that logic!) The fabric base I went with is French terry since Ash and Elm FT is warm and soft. I am not a cold weather person, and live in warm fabric come winter. https://www.ashandelmlimited.com/collections/yardage-designs/products/buffalo-plaid-snowflakes-yardage-listing?variant=39465660710989

I had two yards of fabric and used ALL of it for these joggers. I always cut out my leg pieces first, then my daughter’s, and finally, my son’s in order to make sure I don’t run out of fabric. Out of the leftovers, I cut the pocket pieces next. The pocket band pieces and the waistbands (though you can’t see them from the pictures) are all in a coordinating French terry which is also from Ash and Elm Limited. I only had enough fabric left over for the leg cuffs of my daughter’s joggers and mine. I used the coordinating French terry for my son. (Bonus: it also helps me tell the kids joggers apart when I do their laundry.)

I sewed my kids’ joggers at the same time so there couldn't be any fights. I must admit, I was a bit jealous until I sewed my own. 😅 I changed nothing of the patterns for my kids, but I did add length to my own. (Next time, I’ll also add a little more room in the calves for my joggers.)

This year’s Christmas pajamas are a major win! My husband even said that he’d wear them if I made some for him. I can’t wait for cute Christmas pictures in matching pajamas! ❤️🎄 

Thanks for sticking around until the end! I hope you also make some matching or coordinating fabric for you and your loved ones this winter. If you do, please share! Matching pajamas make me happy. 💕

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