Fam Jam Day 3- Lo Kaitlin Pet Movie Night Jammies

Fam Jam Day 3- Lo Kaitlin Pet Movie Night Jammies

Let’s keep the Christmas pajama theme going, but with a little twist. Shall we?

Everyone is out here making matching jammies for all their kids, but what about those with only fur babies? My brother and his girlfriend only have pets, and I couldn’t resist sewing my pup-phew, Remy-Goat, the Sew A Little Seam Movie Night Pajama Shirt using some Ash & Elm Limited fabric. Yes, his name really is Remy-Goat. My brother insisted because his beautiful eyes reminded him of a goat’s. He’s also more of a cat person so of course as soon as my brother saw it, he asked why the cats Jinx and Loki didn’t get one too. Ummm… because they probably wouldn’t sit well for pictures? Whoops! I guess I’ll be making two more before Christmas. 

This was my first time trying the pattern, and the instructions were great for grading according to Remy’s measurements. He ended up being a size 9 neck, 10 chest, and 12 length. Sounds a lot like how I have to grade for my own children. It comes with the option of sleeveless or long sleeves with cuffs. The sleeves in my opinion are more like half-length and not a true long sleeve but still super cute in my opinion. 

Just like people clothing, Ash & Elm Limited panels work perfectly for this pet shirt. I used an adult panel with plenty of fabric to spare. The leopard and buffalo plaid are part of the Double Brushed Poly Retail section which just so happens to be 20% off this week! 

So if you want to make the pets in your family a super soft, so comfy that they won’t want to take it off, pajama shirt, I totally recommend the Sew A Little Seam Movie Night Pajama Shirt. Plus, they have a kid’s, men’s, and women’s version too. And if you’re part of their Facebook group, you can grab all four patterns for FREE by using the code found in the Announcements section!!

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