Fam Jam Day 2- Kendel Walker and her Sofiona Designs Jammies

Fam Jam Day 2- Kendel Walker and her Sofiona Designs Jammies

Hi there im Kendel im new to Ash and Elm but not new to the sewing world. You can find me on Instagram at @pleatsandcurls (link Www.instagram.com/pleatsandcurls) I sew primarily for my girls (3) and myself and occasionally for my hubby (picky picky). 

I'm so happy to be participating in this Fam Jam sew along mostly because I can get my Christmas jammies done early! I work Full Time (+) outside the home so weekends are sew time!

I picked this adorable Red Buffalo Plaid with Snowflakes (link https://www.ashandelmlimited.com/products/buffalo-plaid-snowflakes-yardage-listing?sca_ref=1032412.8ABw6nkmD1) in DBP for my Fam Jam makes. I know DBP is not everyones cup of tea but my girls love it and honestly i enjoy sewing with it.

 Alrighty so jammies... I almost always purchase pajamas for my girls because i don't get much joy out of sewing them but Annual Christmas jams are another thing altogether. I love creating fun special jammies for Christmas. 

This year I picked Starry Night Pajamas (link https://sofionadesigns.ca/shop-all-patterns/starry-night-pjs/) from Sofiona Designs Patterns. The pattern includes top and dress lengths with options for a ruffle on the dress length. The pattern also includes bottoms in shorts, capris or pant length.

 Since i was sewing for all three girls, sizes 4, 4 and 10 i batch cut my fabric with dresses (one with and one without the ruffle) and a top/capris set for my older daughter. I use a projector so for me batch cutting is the most efficient for me. But….it had its downsides….i'm not super organized sometimes and i totally stacked my ruffle for the size 4 dress on the size 10 top pile and my top ended up with a ruffle...happy little accidents right? So once i had finished sewing all my jams and realized the mistake i went…..oh well and cut a new ruffle for the size 4 and just left the ruffle on the top. And unless i say something no one will know, right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Once my Kiddos all had the most adorable jammies I went ahead and used the rest of my fabric for this adorable set for me! I used Sonia Estep Designs Tennessee tee (https://soniaestepdesigns.com/collections/tees/products/tennessee-tee?aff=6) for my top and Bahama Bottoms (https://soniaestepdesigns.com/collections/bottoms/products/bahama-bottoms?aff=6)  for my shorts. I slightly hacked the BB's by leaving out the elastic and instead adding a drawstring.  This made for a comfy lounge set that I will wear frequently all year long. 

Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you join the SAL and create a perfect set for whoever you call Family. 

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