Fam Jam Day 1- Amber Beyer and the Peek-a-Boo Lullaby Line Zip Inseam Pajamas

Fam Jam Day 1- Amber Beyer and the Peek-a-Boo Lullaby Line Zip Inseam Pajamas

It's officially November and while there are still plenty of fall activities left to do, my mind has moved on to Christmas...more specifically christmas pajamas. 

Ok. Let’s be honest. I’ve been thinking about these since July. 

You either fall into one of two categories. You also have been thinking and planning since July (and silently stalking Ash and Elm to see when the latest Christmas fabric release will be) OR the thought of Christmas pajamas just now occurred to you while reading this blog post. Whichever side you fall on or if you fall somewhere in between, I’m here to share the perfect pattern for the littlest Christmas celebrators in your life. 

My youngest is currently 5 months and I’ve realized there are a few more things to consider when making pajamas for her. Warm Toes. Warm Fingers. Easy Diaper Changes. Just to name a few. 

 The Peek-a-boo Lullaby Line Zip Inseam Pajamas answered all my concerns and more. It offers sizes nb-4t and has options that fits any child in that range, including cuffs or footies, mittens or no mittens, standard neckline or lap neckline, and allows for zipper access in the inseam. Honestly…the biggest plus for me was that I could use it with my projector with relatively few issues.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the pattern and give you a few tips as you go along.

The first thing that you need to do is add the gusset (if desired) and the zipper. Zippers can be intimidating for some. My biggest tip is to take it slow and watch the tutorial video that is linked in the pattern. It really isn’t that difficult once you take the time to slow down a little.

After the zipper is in place, you are going to add the neckband. I chose the standard neckband, but if you have a small baby or a baby who has a lot of blowouts you might want to consider the lap neckline. After this you are going to continue to construct the pjs by adding the sleeves.

Then comes (what I found to be) the trickiest part…the footies. In my opinion, the cuffs are a lot simpler, but I was worried about keeping my little one’s toes warm so I took the extra time to add the footies. My biggest tip when adding the footies is to keep track of where the front and the back of your pajamas are. Otherwise you’re going to have footies sticking out in the wrong directions and have to take a lot more time seam ripping (don’t worry… you would be in good company)!

It’s easiest if you add the pieces in this order. Add the ankle piece to the bottom of the pjs (make sure you haven’t finished the side seam), then add the top of the footie. Once this is finished, then you can finish the sleeve inseam and the side seam. After this is done then add the bottom of the footie. Looking at the pictures in the pattern and following directions really helps with this step!

After this, you will add the sleeve cuffs (or mittens) and you will be finished!

This pattern has quickly become my favorite for the smaller people in my life and I absolutely love that this pattern has so many options! So whether you have already sewn up 10 pairs of pajamas so far or you are going to wait until December 24…. I would highly recommend this pattern. AND… if you want to make sure that you’re little one stays comfy and cozy all winter long, I would HIGHLY recommend using the Ash and Elm French terry.

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