Double Brushed Poly Joggers?!?!?!? 😮🤯😍

Double Brushed Poly Joggers?!?!?!? 😮🤯😍

When Rachael shared these AMAZING Double Brushed Poly Carita's my jaw fell to the floor.... WHY have I NEVER considered using this base as joggers before???

If you are like me and are wondering what the exactly IS Double Brushed Poly.... Then strap in because we are about to go on a wonderful journey together 😏

What is Double Brushed Poly?
Double Brushed Poly other wise known as DBP is a soft blend of Polyester (did you know polyester is a type of plastic 🤯) fibers and Spandex (that really really stretch stuff that superheroes wear 🦸‍♀️🤣). Because of the Spandex content Double Brushed Poly is SSSSTTTRRRREEETTTTCHHHYYY!! It has over 50% 4 way stretch so is GREAT for those items that you want to be able to hold stuff in without feeling like a sausage.🤣 It's also SUPER soft.... Like cuddling up with a pile of puppies soft!! 

Check out this quick video of how awesome the stretch is:


What should I look for when purchasing DBP?

When it comes to DBP quality definitely counts.... You get what you pay for when it comes to this fabric. DBP with 90% Polyester typically doesn't hold it's shape very well causing your garment to stretch out over the course of the day. It's also very thin which means that when you put it on it's likely to show whatever you have on underneath. 😬 Another drawback to lower quality DBP is that after a few washes you will notice it will start to pill and fade.

Here at Ash and Elm our DBP consits of 96% Poly and 4% Spandex which gives it an AMAZING amount of stretch while still being nice and thick! 😍Because we source all our fabrics locally Brandi is able to make sure we get the quality we want and deserve! Not only does A&E DBP have AMAZING stretch with OUTSTANDING recovery, but it's nice and thick while still being blow your mind soft! 💕 BEST part is.... NO PILING! I've worn this dress made from Ash and Elm at least twice a week the past month, so you know (or at least hope 😬) that it's been washed SEVERAL times, and yet it still looks BRAND NEW with ZERO signs of piling or fading🤯😍 



Tips for Sewing DBP:

  • Some things to keep in mind while sewing this fabric is that it is VERY stretchy, so pinning and clips are a MUST! Even if you think "Nah I got this" TRUST me.... USE PINS!!!! 
  • Another important factor to keep in mind when sewing DBP is that you are going to want to use a STRETCH needle in any machine you plan on sewing it with. If you stick with a regular needle your going to find that your machine will skip stitches which will effect the quality and how well your garment holds up to wear and tear.
  • If using a sewing maching you will want to use either a stretch stitch, lightning bolt stitch, or a SMALL zig zag stitch. If you don't use a stitch that will be able to move with your fabric you'll hear the dreaded pops of threads breaking when you wear your garment. 

What type of garments is DBP good for?

Another quality to DBP that you'll hear a lot is it has a fluid drape.... but what does that even mean? Well basically it's saying that the fabric is very flowy that it almost moves like a liquid. It likes to cling to you and tends to show all the lumps and bumps when used on a form fitting garment. 

Because of the liquid drape and stretchiness of DBP it's BEST for making tops, skirts, leggings, and athletic wear. It doesn't stop there though.... You can use DBP for pretty much ANYTHING that you want to be a bit more form fitting, or if you desire a soft garment. Take a peek at a couple of the AMAZING ideas some of my friends on the Ash & Elm team came up with....  


Double Brushed Poly is only limited by your imagination.... from hoodies to dresses, bows, and scrunchies, super comfy lounge wear, and of course we can't forget those AMAZING joggers!!! DBP is AWESOME at playing nice with other fabrics too so mixing it with different bases is a sweet bonus! Even puppies love DBP....

I can't wait to see what FABULOUS ideas you bring to life using DBP💕

If you are interested in purchasing some AMAZING quality DBP you can check out what we have ready to ship here and of course you can always get any of the designs you'd like printed on DBP here. 😍These are my affiliate links and using them doesn't cost you anything extra, but it does help me fuel my Ash & Elm obsession 😘😍

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xoxo- Melissa 😘

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