Deck the Halls with Ash and Elm Day 6

Deck the Halls with Ash and Elm Day 6

I'm really glad that this was the last sew-along for this week, because this Classic Tie from Peek-a-Boo patterns was definitely a bit trickier than I was expecting and it kind of kicked my butt a bit 😜 While it's not PERFECT I think it turned out absolutely AMAZING for my first go at a tie!!! 

So things were going really well with this project until I got to the very last steps about attaching the bias strip and finishing. I just couldn't visualize or wrap my head around what they were asking and instead of sitting there trying to puzzle it out I decided to go rouge and do my own thing 🀣 Don't you love that about crafting? How you can just decide to change things up based on what makes sense to you, and then if it doesn't work out lesson learned.... but if it does work 🀯😍 I think that's how 90% of my sewing skills have been developed 😬 

Any who.... Instead of following the pattern makers suggestions on how to finish the tie I decided I was just going to tack the backing in place and then top stitch the whole thing. I'm actually not upset with how it turned out!! My angles on the bottom aren't perfect, but neither am I so I think I can forgive it and call it a unique design quirk 😜 

I wonder if you could just finish the whole thing with binding instead of trying to figure out how to fold it just the right way?!?!? Have you ever sewn a tie before? If you have some tips or tricks I would LOVE to hear them! πŸ’•

xoxo- Melissa 😘

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