Get prepped to sew your Ash off with me tonight 💪

Get prepped to sew your Ash off with me tonight 💪

Over in the Facebook group tonight at 7pm MST we are going to be sewing up the Carita Joggers from Pattern Niche together!!! If you haven't gotten your pattern yet grab it HERE (this is my affiliate link.... it doesn't cost you anything extra just helps support my sewing addiction 🤣😘) and don't forget to use the code Niche72836andElm356 to get 20% off ALL non bundled patterns this month! 😲

Alright now that you have your pattern lets get it all put together, pick out some fabric and cut it so your ready for tonight! 😍

So first things first, the Carita Joggers comes in Womens and Girls sizes, and each pattern features an A0 (large format), and a pdf (8.5x11) file. You will want to open the file you need....

  • If you are printing this from your home printer you will select pdf, if you have a projector or plan on getting this printed at a copy shop you will open up the A0 file
  • Next you are going to want to pop over to the side of you pdf reader (I use adobe so if you use something different you might have to google it) and open up the layers feature.
     Once you click on that it should open up all the different layers!
    Uncheck all the sizes EXCEPT the one you're making. Make sure you leave the Pages, Text, and Borders checked as well. If you are wanting to make a master pattern that you will trace off of then don't worry about this part. 
  • Now that your pattern isn't cluttered up with all the different sizes lines it's time to print it out. Before hitting that print button though we need to make sure your setting are correct or you are going to be SUPER frustrated about all the paper and ink you wasted.... This may or may not be coming from a LOT of experience making this mistake 🤣😫 Make sure your page scaling is set to Actual Size and print ONLY page 13 to check the 2" size scale box! 
  • Once you're sure that your printer is printing at the correct scale it's time to get the rest of the pages. Now I know this can look overwhelming when you see it say it's going to be 59 pages, but the nice thing is you don't HAVE to print every page! Just use this chart to figure out pages to print based off of what inseam you need to sew up! To find the correct inseam length you are going to want to measure from the top inside of your thigh down to your ankle.
  • Now comes the hardest part.... We need to line all the pages you just printed up to form your pattern. TIP: When you see two thin lines like this meet at the bottom of your page use a hole punch to create a little window in one of the pages you are connecting to help you line the pages up easier!

    Use tape or glue to get the pieces to stay together and VOILA you're all ready to cut out (or trace if you printed a master copy) your pattern!
  • Once the patterns cut out it's time to pick fabric! Here's the recommendations the pattern suggests, but remember this is YOUR project.... if you want to try something different go for it! Just make sure that your fabric meets the recomended stretch requirement or you might have to play around with sizing. 😬
  • Now all that's left is to cut the pieces and you will be ready for tonight! You're going to need 2 mirror images of the front Pant or Capri pieces, 2 mirror images of the back Pant or Capri pieces, 1 waist band, 2 cuff pieces (cut either pant cuff or capri cut depending on what version you plan to sew up), 2 pocket pieces if you are planning on adding those in (if you are make sure you cut on the pocket line on your front piece), and 2 pocket band pieces (only if adding pockets)!

That's it!!! You are now ready to sew the Carita's up with me tonight.... I can't wait 😍



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xoxo- Melissa 😘

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