Christmas in July Day 8

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Christmas in July Day 8

We are so Thankful to all of these amazing pattern companies who release not only the amazing patterns we buy and sew all the time but FREE ones for us to sew up and enjoy so for today's free pattern we choose the Thankful Top by George and Ginger Patterns. This amazing pattern is listed in the files section of their facebook group along with many other wonderful freebies. I have been looking for the perfect loose slouchy sweater and this pattern fills all of those needs! 

Recommended for:
Intermediate Beginner

Pattern Type:
High neck front with a deep low cut V backed top or sweater with shot, 3/4, and long sleeve options and high low or straight bottom options.

Fabric Suggestion:
Medium to Heavy Weight 2 or 4 way stretch more structured knits are suggested. It can be done with any knit that has enough stretch to it but it will not fit the same as the pattern examples.

Pattern Sizing:
XXS(0)- 2X(20)

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Very easy to follow and assemble, I would only say and intermediate beginner because of the V back but the instructions are clear and make it easy to do.

Fabric Used:
I used Grey burnout french terry for my all light grey one and some of our Custom buffalo plaid cotton french terry for the plaid with black tri-blend french terry for the bands on the black and plaid one. 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I added the strappy back designs to mine but the rest of the pattern is as is.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Definitely! My teens and tweens are already asking for some for them! 

Now for the strappy hack! I have been posting the grey one after I finished the straps I was just too excited about it not to share and the masses are asking how I did it. Well, I wish I had some profound answer that made it and me sound super skilled but it was so easy that I do not have anything like that for you but I promise if you can sew a line you can make amazing back strap designs too! 

For both tops I cut a 2 inch strip by the width of fabric

I folded them in half long ways right sides together and serged the open seam. This step can also be done on a sewing machine but for me personally if it can be serged it will be serged lol I only use my actual sewing machine if it is absolutely required!

For the grey sweater I stopped here but for the black sweater I wanted it a little thinner so I went ahead and serged the other side too and then turned it right side out. I used a pen because I could not find my fancy turner thingy (yes, I think that is the technical term! lol) but whatever strap turning method blows your skirt up is perfect.

This step could probably be done while attaching the band but I had already assembled mine when I decided they needed bands so I just put my top on my dress form inside out and started pinning. I used scrap pieces of fabric first to lay out the design I wanted so I wouldn't waste any of my sewn straps by cutting them and not having the right size. For the grey top I used 4 straps, started at the shoulder seam and added or attached a strap every 3 inches and they went from one side to the other and were very simple. On the black it was a little trickier. I ended up using 6 straps, again starting at the shoulder seem I added or attached a strap every two inches.

I stared with the bottom and instead of just crossing to the other side of the V they loop around each other and attach to the same side they stared on only 6 inches lower. I did the same with the other two sets and made sure they were pinned well so they wouldn't slip of shift while being sewn on.

I then carefully removed my beautiful new top and sewed the straps into place. This step can be done on a sewing machine but I chose to do mine on a serger because... well... I love my serger and my sewing machine usually hates me.

Then voila! You have a breath taking yet oh so comfortable ready to get compliments everywhere you go!!

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