Christmas in July : Day 7

Christmas in July : Day 7

Here we are one week in to our Christmas in July Series. We made It! And to celebrate lets try the CKC knotted headband.

This is a tutorial available on the CKC Pinterest board and blog. The blog says to use hosiery and cut the tops and bottoms off but I wanted to use some of my DBP scraps so I cut 2 pieces about 4-5 inches wide and about 30 inches long. I followed the blogs instructions for the knot then sewed the ends together and folded the width over so the seam was on the inside of the fold. 

The whole project took less that 10 minutes and is a great scrap buster. I used two pieces of the same color but you could easily use two different colors or prints to add some flair. 

Selfie time>>>

Tomorrow? Sure see you then. 

- Blake



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