Christmas in July :  Day 5

Christmas in July : Day 5

Well 5 days in, lets see what we have for today.. 

Duck Butt Designs Plain Pants.

So funny ( or not) story about this pattern, I just assumed it was a kids photo based on the cover photo. So when I grabbed it off the printer I was really confused as to why there were so many darn pages. Well needless to say I had to change my fabric choices because I was planning on using scraps to make them for son. 

Lesson learned actually read the description on patterns before downloading and printing. 

However it ended up being a happy incident because these knocked out one more holiday gift! 

Ok on to the pattern details!  this one is free if you join their facebook group . This particular pattern is a basic or "plain" as the name says lounge pant. It has layers , sizing XS-4XL, simple construction great for beginners or if you are short on time. It also features high and low rise, 3 length options and 3 waistband options.

For sure worth joining the group and grabbing for yourself. If you have time check out the other items on their website. One thing I love about Duck Butt Designs is she takes everyday items and makes them so unique by using color blocking and other fun features. 

Now since these are a gift ( and not for myself), we get flat lays instead of modled photos. 

This DBP is awesome the print has so much depth and the color is very rich. I am glad I was lucky enough to get a good size cut of this beauty in one of my boxes. 

See you tomorrow

- Blake




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  • Natalie Uy

    I love this idea of making Christmas gifts now! I’m gonna start organizing a list now!

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