Christmas in July : Day 20

Christmas in July : Day 20

Day 20 is a fun gift for any youngster. ( Does using the term youngster mean I am old or just from a rural are? You know what don't answer that!)

Emoji's seem to be part of everyday life any more. Heck some people can have entire conversations and actually understand each other all by using these little faces …. never actually typing a real word! Its crazy. 

And it means that an emoji pillow is a great gift idea for those kids you just don't know what to get.  Quick, easy, and requiring little fabric adds more points in the win column. 

Patterns for Pirates has a free Emoji Pillow pattern available on their website. it has 2 base shape options and a hand full of eyes and mouth pieces. This makes it easy to mix and match to create a custom emoji. 

At my husbands suggestion I went with the poop shaped base, and since I was using a more feminine fabric I figured I would do heart eyes since we are learning shapes my daughter loves hearts.  So poopy love face I guess? 

I used cotton woven in a print from an upcoming round for the base and since I don't keep felt or anything like that on hand and have yet to get a silhouette or cricut to do htv I chose to trace the face pieces on my base and paint them.

And since ,my dog tore up a couch cushion I had to use the last of my stuffing  for that. So this pillow is going to have to wait to be stuffed. Life happens. 

It would be pretty easy to make your own face pieces to create any emoji you wanted .  and I think most emojis have a round face. Tho, I could be completely wrong on that I am in no way an emoji expert! 

Tomorrow we will be looking at one of my all time favorite patterns so be sure to check in for that and get the free pattern. 

- Blake


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