Christmas in July : Day 18

Christmas in July : Day 18

Grab 'n' go. I just like the name , well that and the fast that it comes in woman and girl sizing! Mommy and me sets anyone? It is a future plan for me. Unfortunately I am running a little low on fabric so today I am only going to make the girls version in a 3T. 

I was able to squeeze this out of a decent size scrap and added a bit of lace trim that I think really took it up a notch. Now I really want one for myself and all ready wrote it on my selfish sew board.  

This pattern is designed by Rad Patterns and you can get it by joining their facebook group. 

I didn't have any expectations of this pattern as I am not overly familiar with  the designer. I really liked to way this came out and will be trying more of their patterns in the future.  If you have a suggestion for ones to try leave it in the comments so I can be sure to check it out. 

Another pretty quick and easy sew. I love how this pattern could be anything, a cute cardi, a summer cover up, a light weight kimono , the possibilities are endless with a bit of imagination. 

I went for a slightly country/ boho vibe with a burgundy visually textured double brushed poly and a vintage "white" lace trim. I really am beyond in love with this! 

Photos. My little miss couldn't wait to put it on so we ran outside before the storm came in and  captured a few. with the humidity in the air and the cold front rolling I n my camera lens was not loving it so I  would up with some foggy look to a lot of the photos. hey some times we just have to live with what we can get. Today is one of those kinds of days, and that is Ok!

With out further ado... 


Check back tomorrow for another free pattern feature.

- Blake





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