Christmas in July : Day 17

Christmas in July : Day 17

This one is a new pattern for me not only had I never tried it but I had never even heard of it before it was suggested for this series.  Itch to Stich's Uvita Top. 

Kind of a fun name, Right?  Being unsure about it I didn't want to use my precious customs stash that is dwindling so quickly, so I opted for a panel and one of our Heathered solids. I have a ton of panels and some are duplicates so in any top pattern in not 100% on I typically grab a panel and a solid as to not waste the customs on my shelf. Those are really more for petting and admiring than sewing.

OK, so I printed taped and cut this pattern out in about 10 minutes give or take, picked out fabrics and started cutting. About half way through cutting I crashed. I mean I really hit that sleep wall, you know the one I'm talking about you are fine and being productive one moment then look like an addict in withdraw the next. I had never really experienced the full force of that kind of wall until I had 2 toddlers to chase after. And it hit me like a deer in the head lights while cutting this top. Being smart I quit instead of chopping my finger off using a rotary cutter more than half asleep. 

The next morning I came back to it during nap time and had the whole thing finished in about 20 minutes.  Over all it was pretty straight forward and easy to follow. 

With the top done I knew it wasn't for me. I am weird about fit and don't like anything that feels baggy or fitted and loose at the same time. For this reason dolmans are usually out. This one is cute and I can think of several people who would love to receive this one!  And I will likely make more as gifts and/or stock for my clothing store. 

So I have a question? Do you Love or Hate dolman style tops? Let me know in the comments. 

Here are the finished photos of this one and I cant wait to see the recipients face when they open it! 

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  • Danni Armstrong

    I love the top you made. If you’re giving it away I’d love to have it.

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